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Trigger testimony

Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger

For some, aftermarket parts and “upgrades”
is about chasing the wave. What’s new.. what’s hot? But first Impressions.. don’t really MEAN squat!

These days we are inundated by YouTube and their “content creators” as well as instagram “brand ambassadors” and “influencers”. We are so inundated that it’s become difficult for some to discern qualified feedback from video content with production value. Such is life.

I am here to provide another type of feedback, there’s a name for its type as well.. a testimonial. But what’s different is that I’m here to provide expert testimony as an expert witness to the progression of the aftermarket trigger industry.

Like many of you, I began shooting Glock before aftermarket parts and modifications were widely available. Unlike many of you, I worked for years as a range master, RSO and firearms instructor. Working in this capacity has allowed me to cycle countless reps with almost every configuration of handgun and long gun and trigger on the market.

Confidence is everything, but often times misplaced by the end user due to the propaganda of a company or the charismatic nature of an instructor. Unwarranted and unearned confidence is the devil in the details of the tactical community.

I was never an early adopter. But when I did adopt an aftermarket trigger for my Glock I chose Travis Haley’s signature Skimmer by and despite my research along with the feedback that I had gathered, I felt that this purchase still remained a leap of faith. I wasn’t won over or enchanted by Travis Haley’s endorsement. I wasn’t a Travis Haley fan. That is not to say that I harbored any negativity towards the man, or that I am suggesting that his endorsement should hold no sway. Only that for me, it was going to take more than that. For me it would require first hand evidence that I would need to produce for myself.

Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger

I wrote an article about the Haley Skimmer trigger seven years ago on my blog that landed first page google.. Reading that article now I recognize my former self, a lot less stoic or married to any brand or platform.

At the time I owned two Glock pistols, a 17 and a 22. It was honesty thousands of rounds before I allowed the trigger to earn my trust and it was allowed to take its place as my everyday carry. These days and with how common aftermarket triggers have become most consumers would suppose that if they put a trigger in and it works, that will simply always work and at least as dependably as the trigger that gun came with. Only that is not the case. Not in my experience. In fact it is in some cases dangerously far from it. And this is what makes aftermarket triggers by different.

In the seven years since my first Skimmer trigger, I have not deviated from the path. I have owned several additional Glocks in that time outfitting then all with Skimmer triggers. And my original Skimmer remains ticking till this day. Clean, crisp, smooth as ever. Thousands upon thousands of rounds later. Time and rounds prove triggers, not first impressions, no matter the source!

Time has made me a dyed in the wool “Glock man”…. at least if you consider enhancements such as a frame or barrel from Lone Wolf as staying with the Glock family. Time has also made me “ man” and to this day, to anyone who purchases a Glock, my first recommendation remains to swap out the OEM trigger for a Skimmer from

Purchase with confidence! Shoot with confidence! Defend your life with confidence, with!

Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger