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The Vortex Razor HD – Kick Ass

If you think that there are only one or maybe two names in ultra rugged, super accurate, fast target acquisition scopes on the market, the time has surely come to add another brand and model to that list. In the past several months, I have been slowly taking in the touch, feel and superb accuracy offered by the Razor HD 1X4 by Vortex Optics. Vortex has certainly made its mark as a force to be reckoned with in both hunting and now tactical application. Over the last few years various Vortex models have downright beaten out the competition to take their place on a substantial number of my own firearms.

My new Vortex Razor HD 1X4 has achieved perhaps the most impressive status to date in having dethroned my once prized and faithful 4×32 (TA01NSN) ACOG. It just sort of dawned on me this very instant that in saying that, I may as well be saying that I have never felt more positive about any other optic in my entire life. This is both a measure of how strongly I felt about my ACOG and how tremendously strong I feel in regards to my new Vortex Razor HD 1X4. The fact of the matter is that many would agree that the AGOC is very tough to trump. However after several months of dabbling, both on and off of my Rock River Elite Comp, I have concluded that the Vortex Razor HD 1-4 simply offers far more effective combat versatility.

Razor HD 1X4 – Knock out combo

Vortex Optics

I must admit that the Razor HD and the ACOG may not seem to be all that well aligned feature-wise in order to justify some manner of head to head comparison. This is one way of thinking. But for the sake of argument, they are quite well aligned in regards to price point. Unless money is no object, you had better be asking yourself what is the most ‘bang’ for your hard earned buck, when searching out any Tactical Weapon Accessory.

Granted, there are some who are exclusively driven by what all the “cool kids” are doing, but there are those out there with an ear to the ground for what’s coming. They want the Hot NEW ticket. They want a product that is new, unique and versatile, from a company that is reputable. This is what Vortex Optics continues to bring to the table and delivers with the Razor HD.

Precisely how you make your decisions is your own business, but I assure you that the crisp Razor HD glass; the variable power illumination and variable power magnification are going to be hard options to pass up once you put the target in your sights.

The Vortex Razor Line

Vortex Razor HD Review

Razor is the top end available through Vortex. Although I am not typically the “must have the top end” type of guy, having been so familiar with an abundance of Vortex products I thought I might give it a shot. On the other hand the decision may not have been exclusively my own. I had actually been anxiously awaiting availability on the Vortex Viper PST 1-4 for quite some time. Perhaps it was my world renowned inability to sit back and wait that drove me to entertain the Razor option or perhaps I wanted to see how much better the Razor line might be. Impatience played a major role I admit, however it was a few days after a chat with a spotting scope aficionado who had stated that he believed “the Vortex Razor was second only to Leica”, that I made the purchase.


The glass on the Vortex Razor 1-4 was absolutely stunning to say the least. The High Dispersion glass offers more than most could ask for in regards to crystal clear resolution, crisp contrast and light through put. This combined with, if it might borough a phrase, seemingly “bomb proof” construction was evidence that the Razor 1-4 was truly built from the ground up to take on ANY Hard use environment. I already looked forward to putting the Vortex Razor to use on the rocks and in hard places but there was one small decision to make. The Razor had two reticle options, the CQM-R (link) and the EBR (link). The CQM-R, Close Quarters Medium Range seemed more attractive to me at first. In fact the big meaty turrets of the Razor where begging me to go with the CQM-R. Dial out, they seemed to whisper. However, the EBR 556 reticle won the day. The EBR, Enhanced Battle Reticle, is a BDC calibrated for a 55g bullet and designed for fast engagement at both short and long range, out to 700 yards. I am in fact partial to the 55g bullet, this combined with the 10 MPH hold offs and I was sold.

Towing The Line

Vortex Optics Review by Max Venom

Admittedly, at the range I had little doubt in my mind that the Razor HD was going to live up to my expectations, being as intimately familiar with the Vortex Optics products as I am. I caught a both rainy windy day my first time out. But I did manage to get it dialed in at 100 yards and took the opportunity to utilize the Razor 1-4 as both red dot and BDC out to 300 yards. It was a matter of weeks before I was able to take it out to 500 and it might be some time still until I am able to take it out to 700. Shooting at know distances the Razor HD’s performance was impressive. Ultimately, although I was most impressed, I was not the least bit surprised. I often found myself dialing down to 1X as it was a pure joy to not be shackled to the fixed 4 power of my ACOG.

At times I just found myself simply appreciating the view; both the view through the Vortex Razor and the view of the Razor on top of my Rock River Elite Comp. It simply felt good… a perfect combination of sorts, an extremely capable rifle and a truly state of the art optic.

In conclusion, if you happen to find yourself in the market for a heavy hitting built tough optic, and you list of mission specific requirements happen to include – a FFP (first focal plane) etched reticle with (11 position) illumination dial, a 30mm tube, .25 MOA clicks and resettable zero and High Dispersion glass in a package built for speed and rugged durability. The Vortex Razor HD might be precisely what you are looking for. Get your hands on one soon because I look forward to saying “I told you so.”

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