TAK Knife – Back Bite Trainer

We are very pleased and honored to have been contacted by TAK Knife who expressed their interest in producing a tactical trainer to compliment the Back Bite fighting knife.

TAK Knife is an outstanding company that has been producing high quality training implements for practitioners of edged weapons craft for many years.

These high quality, high strength, high durability trainers are certain to satisfy your training needs. The production capacity of TAK Knife is better able serve our clients as we have been unable to fulfill both the civilian and Military demand for our Back Bite trainers.

I am honored to be counted among the many designer/practitioner trainers of the TAK Knife line including Bram Frank and Ernest Emerson. Also, trainer representations of productions by; Spyderco, Cold Steel, Benchmade, Ka-Bar, Columbia River Knife and Tool and many more.

TAK Knife has much more to offer than the Back Bite trainer. We are very pleased with the product that they offer and look forward to TAK Knife fulfilling your tactical training needs!

For more information, please visit – www.takknife.com

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