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6mm ARC Redo

San Tan Tactical STT 15 6ARC on table

As an avid shooter and rifle enthusiast, I have always been on the lookout for the latest and greatest in firearms technology. Recently, I had settled on the 6mm ARC cartridge and considered myself well-equipped. However, after sharing my thoughts on the cartridge in a recent write-up, I received a flood of inquiries from friends and fellow shooters who were also considering the 6mm ARC or had already adopted it.

This got me thinking:

what are the best options for a semi-auto, direct-impingement (DI) rifle in 6mm ARC?

And how does the recoil impulse of the 6mm ARC compare in a DI gun?

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The Vortex Razor HD – Kick Ass

If you think that there are only one or maybe two names in ultra rugged, super accurate, fast target acquisition scopes on the market, the time has surely come to add another brand and model to that list. In the past several months, I have been slowly taking in the touch, feel and superb accuracy offered by the Razor HD 1X4 by Vortex Optics. Vortex has certainly made its mark as a force to be reckoned with in both hunting and now tactical application. Over the last few years various Vortex models have downright beaten out the competition to take their place on a substantial number of my own firearms.

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Vortex Optics – Sparc to Strikefire


Some time ago I had purchased the Vortex Strikefire. Recently, for whatever reason, I scanned through a few threads to see what others had to say about it. What I have read thus far has the words “budget red dot” ringing in my ears. I have some amount of difficulty with this classification based upon my personal experience.

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