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TOPS Knives SERE Belt – A Vlog

TOPS Knives Knives Knives Knives Knives… Wait there’s more!

TOPS KNives USA offers a unique variety of non-edged weapons related products that many might be inadvertently overlooking.Such as – The Tops Knives USA SERE Belt.

The SERE Belt by TOPS Knives USA has a “hidden agenda” beyond what many such belts have to offer. The SERE belt offers a number of unique capabilities and a functional hold out pouch that you can fill with items such as hold out cash, a handcuff key, a Remgrit file or even lock picks. The possibilities are endless and as C Despins of the Max Venom Product Group demonstrates, there is more to the SERE Belt by TOPS Knives USA than meets the eye.

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The Rough Man TSK

There is an old Nordic saying that “a man without a knife is a man without a life”.

I have come to meditate repeatedly upon this saying in my reflections on the Rough Man TSK (Tactical Survival Knife), a custom production of, designed by veteran operator Andraes Holmgren, a native of Sweden who has been working in Hati in the field of Close Protection and as a firearms instructor in most recent years.

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