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DNV9 – Digital Night Vision

DNV9 - Night Vision Review

Night vision is an essential tool for anyone who is next-level tactical minded or ultimate-defense minded. By that I mean home defense, SHTF or WORL.

There once was a time when owning night vision was simply cool. Nobody asked, who’s tubes or what FOM?

It was probably 2010, the first time that I remember someone handing me their PVS14 and conveying the information of tube manufacturer. Years later, manufacturer and FOM became the standard disclosure. Night vision owners had become compelled to let you know that this… was the good stuff.

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Breaking the Firearm Outfitters OODA Loop and Exploring Binary Triggers for Glocks

If you’re a firearm owner, you may have pondered what’s next after acquiring a handgun and an AR15. In this article, I review binary triggers for Glock. I discuss two options at different price points and the unique capabilities they bring to the shooting range.

How many of you reading this have a handgun and an AR15?  

What’s next for the for the man that has checked those boxes? The correct answer would be training.

But instead, you are after something smaller than a full-size carbine; a 300 blackout because it only requires a 9-inch barrel. Or something in a pistol caliber, like a CZ Scorpion. I know, an MP5 clone!

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Impact Resistant Eyewear for Close Protection Work

Grayman & Company Aviators in Black with Grey lenses along with a backup pair of the "Keyhole" framed in Tan Tortoise with Brown lenses on table.

Close protection work requires meticulous planning and preparation; it involves assessing the threat level and the environment to determine the right course of action. One aspect that is often overlooked is the choice of eyewear. A chance discovery of Grayman & Company, a luxury brand specializing in bespoke suits, opened my eyes to the importance of the protective eyewear that we chose for close protection work. Their Covert Everyday Protection sunglasses are not only attractive but also have impressive protective features.

In this article, I’ll explore the importance of protective eyewear in close protection work and share my thoughts on Grayman & Company’s sunglasses.

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