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6mm ARC Redo

San Tan Tactical STT 15 6ARC on table

As an avid shooter and rifle enthusiast, I have always been on the lookout for the latest and greatest in firearms technology. Recently, I had settled on the 6mm ARC cartridge and considered myself well-equipped. However, after sharing my thoughts on the cartridge in a recent write-up, I received a flood of inquiries from friends and fellow shooters who were also considering the 6mm ARC or had already adopted it.

This got me thinking:

what are the best options for a semi-auto, direct-impingement (DI) rifle in 6mm ARC?

And how does the recoil impulse of the 6mm ARC compare in a DI gun?

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XSuit 4.0 A Suit for Martial Art Athletes of Every Kind

Tailoring the way to XSuit

I have always been picky when it came to suits. From my very first outfit to my most recent, I had to strike a certain style. Naturally, over time, my demands began to change, and one day, my eyes were opened to a new possibility when I was introduced to the XSuit 4.0. Continue reading XSuit 4.0 A Suit for Martial Art Athletes of Every Kind

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The Framed Minnesota 2.0

A fat bike resting against tree trunks

I was never really a bike person. As a kid I remember getting my first bike and being wildly excited by it, and growing up outside of town bicycles were the mode of transport of choice until we earned our driving privileges. But somewhere between then and now biking just kind of became a chore. There were friends that I had that loved road biking but generally speaking that was about the sum of my exposure to bike culture, spandex and skinny smooth wheels. Generally something that interested me about as much as a dentist visit. Continue reading The Framed Minnesota 2.0