LionSteel TiSpine folder – Gentle meets manly

lionsteel tispine

We haven’t brought you a fresh knife review in a great long while, so I figured that if I came with a new blog post about a knife, it had better be something truly fantastic. That being said, I got around to picking up a knife that I have been cautiously eyeballing for no short amount of time. That being that the LionSteel TiSpine. Hope you enjoy our take on it.

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Combative Edge – Dynamic Trio

Back in September of 2011 I reviewed the Combative Edge SR11 by Rob Walker. Since that time I have had ample opportunity to run my SR11 through the preverbal ringer, but also to take note of the other knives of the Combative Edge line, including the M1 folder and the ultra aggressive Salus fixed blade. Continue reading »

Bastinelli Creations – Raptor GT6

It is a bit of a chore to work your way around the Blade Show with a “tactical knife agenda.” There are all types of knives from fine art pieces to booths with no knives at all, and there are booths with an abundance of handle materials from fossil to wood. I don’t honestly find much of this stuff to be all that interesting. However, sometimes, right next door, you find some very interesting products indeed, and the booth of Bastinelli Creations was one of them. Continue reading »

Battle Blades Wolf Hawk

Sometimes the stars align and a particular product seems to come along at just the right time and in just the right place. When this happens, part of you might ask, why didn’t I think of that, but conversely you are glad that someone did. The Battle Blades Wolf Hawk by TOPS Knives USA is one such product. It is a solid knife that offers both a unique capability of off the weapon deployment and an ingenious retention system that offers a level of security far beyond any other that I am familiar with. Continue reading »

2012 Blade Show – Crawford Survival Staff

Perhaps one of the biggest treats of attending this year’s Blade Show was getting a chance to chat with custom knife maker Pat Crawford. In years past I had seen the Crawford booth but somehow or another Pat was never there at that specific time. For this reason, I came to believe that Pat did not, or perhaps no longer personally, attended the Blade Show. I think very highly of Pat Crawford therefore I was thrilled to find him in attendance this year. I had stopped by to introduce myself and suddenly a bit of history that I have with Pat came back to me. Continue reading »