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Tactical Folder

One of the most hotly contested categories in the world of EDC and tactical products is the tactical folding knife – the most “tactical” folding knife. Putting aside the argument about whether or not a folding knife is truly appropriate for that sort of circumstance (and believe you me, there’s plenty of discussion to be had there), I want to look at what I would consider to be one of the best tactical folding knives on the market today. Continue reading Tactical Folder

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LionSteel TiSpine folder – Gentle meets manly

lionsteel tispine

We haven’t brought you a fresh knife review in a great long while, so I figured that if I came with a new blog post about a knife, it had better be something truly fantastic. That being said, I got around to picking up a knife that I have been cautiously eyeballing for no short amount of time. That being that the LionSteel TiSpine. Hope you enjoy our take on it.

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