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Big Agnes Scout UL 2 Tent

Someone at Big Agnes is thinking, and they are out thinking most of the outdoors industry. Two things that anyone who has ever gone on an overnight or long distance hike knows: Lighter gear is always beneficial to our backs and feet over the long haul, and anything we can use in multiple capacity cuts down on ounces, hence the sporks you see being sold in the camping section. Whether its packing for a day trip or for a multiple week hike, the fact of the mater is that less weight is better.         Continue reading Big Agnes Scout UL 2 Tent

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Packraft Review by Caleb Despins



Kayaking for me is one of the great outdoor escapes. From the purchase of my first kayak, I realized the freedom of movement that a kayak gave on almost any territory that had water. This freedom led me to own several kayaks over the years, short recreational kayaks good for paddling shallow streams and quiet inland lakes as well as large touring kayaks capable of cutting through rough open water and being packed with gear for multiple day excursions. I felt my small fleet of kayaks could take me on almost any water to any destination that I wanted.

It was when I was spending the summer in Alaska that I started to realize that perhaps my kayaks where not always the best tool for all the adventures that the landscape offered. Continue reading Packraft Review by Caleb Despins