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Breaking the Firearm Outfitters OODA Loop and Exploring Binary Triggers for Glocks

If you’re a firearm owner, you may have pondered what’s next after acquiring a handgun and an AR15. In this article, I review binary triggers for Glock. I discuss two options at different price points and the unique capabilities they bring to the shooting range.

How many of you reading this have a handgun and an AR15?  

What’s next for the for the man that has checked those boxes? The correct answer would be training.

But instead, you are after something smaller than a full-size carbine; a 300 blackout because it only requires a 9-inch barrel. Or something in a pistol caliber, like a CZ Scorpion. I know, an MP5 clone!

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6mm ARC Redo

San Tan Tactical STT 15 6ARC on table

As an avid shooter and rifle enthusiast, I have always been on the lookout for the latest and greatest in firearms technology. Recently, I had settled on the 6mm ARC cartridge and considered myself well-equipped. However, after sharing my thoughts on the cartridge in a recent write-up, I received a flood of inquiries from friends and fellow shooters who were also considering the 6mm ARC or had already adopted it.

This got me thinking:

what are the best options for a semi-auto, direct-impingement (DI) rifle in 6mm ARC?

And how does the recoil impulse of the 6mm ARC compare in a DI gun?

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Trijicon SRS – Something Different/Excellent


I don’t often find myself weighting in on a product steeped in controversy but it seems that I had set my self on that track when I purchased the new Trijicon SRS red dot optic. After having built a new AR with a PWS upper, I got to wanting to outfit it was some other optic than what I had laying around the house at the time, I had a price point, I got to looking, I got to thinking and I became motivated by wanting something… different.

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