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Many of us have watched the “rise” of the Tactical pen, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are allot more options these days and I have found that to be a good thing.

Which Tactical pen to purchase is choice that can be based upon a wide variety of merits. Some might consider the perceived functionality, while others cost and some purely based upon “sex appeal”.

I have a small pile of Tactical pens at this moment on my desk; the pile includes a variety of purpose built tactical pens and also a non Tactical pen. The selection that is sitting on my desk includes – a Cross brand heavy barrel pen, a Schrade Tactical Defense Tool, the Fred Perrin Self Defense Pen and the CUMA Ram Tactical Pen.

Let me mention a few Tactical pens that are not on my desk, and why.

There is not an ever popular Benchmade “Tactical pen”, is not on my desk. This is in part because I find the price of the Benchmade variety to be a bit outrageous. But also I feel that many of the Benchmade designs are more “menacing” in looks than they need to be and I would fear losing my investment due to this fact given the discretion of various “agents” in certain circumstances.

Also you will not find in my selection the seemingly popular Cold Steel Sharkie. This is not a matter of cost vs possible surrender/confiscation, but rater a matter having no day to day use for a sharpie. Even if I did, I cannot see the use in one so large and… rugged. Sharpie brand pens already make a “Super Sharpie” that is quite large. I have smashed one against various soft and hard targets and it has failed to break. But again, when it comes down to it, I have no day to day use for a sharpie. Perhaps some do, I do not.

I suppose that I could name dozens of Tactical pens that I could own but choose not to, along with various reasons. But, that is not what this is all about.

Instead, I have stated what I do own and would like to explain why I own them.

My original Tactical pen was in fact only a pen, a heavy barrel Cross brand pen. It was not my own idea, but rather the concept of an acquaintance who upheld that he could utilize a pen in a self defense scenario and would testify that he ” just so happened to have the pen in his hand”, and that “what ever damage cause was inadvertent”, if it came down to it. However unsound the legality of his logic, I found that in various restricted weapons scenarios that it was advantageous to also adopt this habit.

The first purpose built Tactical Pen that I purchased came to my attention, while living over seas. It was a Timberline Tactical pen. Although the Timberline Tactical pen actually turned me off to the Tactical pen concept, I began to investigate other options.

My next Tactical pen was the Schrade brand. I was quite impressed with this pen as it was a major advance in both functionality and looks in comparison to the Timberline. More ergonomic and less over built, this pen saw many years use. But, like many of us, I eventually succumbed to the reality that if I own one Tactical Pen, I can not own only one Tactical pen.

Although the Schrade had more eye appeal in comparison to the Timberline it was far from looking the part of a harmless every day item such as my non Tactical Cross pen.

Than came the very happy medium of the Fred Perrin Self Defense Pen. The Fred Perrin offered a bit of class. It had the look and feel of an executive writing instrument, it is incredibly sleek and offered its own unique functional defense features. Not to mention that you can not beat the price tag, period. The Fred Perrin is a pen that you can afford to loose or to have it confiscated. But above all it could get the job done should the necessity arise. I have signed checks with it at the bank and handed it to many people. Although many have noted, “nice pen”, no one ever seems to take note of its purpose.

A Tactical pen for every occasion…

The Timberline is now long gone and I have since retired the Schrade although not discarded it. The Fred Perrin remains my favorite and the Cross pen its close companion. However an additional niche existed that begged to be fulfilled, a Tactical pen for my blue jeans and t-shirt day or for my other than formal, breast pocket or button up days.

When wearing a polo shirt or dress shirt a pen clipped to the breast pocket is a fine solution. Although I can just as readily clip such a pen to the collar of my t-shirt it feels a bit cumbersome as does it clipped inside the pocket of my jeans, where I prefer to retain an edged implement. I also found that although I could clip a pen inside a pocket of my jeans, the demands put upon the clip through doing so made the clip less resilient when clipping it inside the pocket of a dress shirt or polo. After just once or twice severely bending the pens clip due to it becoming fastened also to the seat belt, the exercise of clipped inside the pocket of a pair of jeans became futile.

What came to fill this gap is the latter mentioned CUMA Ram Tactical pen. As I am not in the habit of combining the carry of numerous edged implements on my person and in addition to that, a neck knife, the CUMA Ram had something unique to offer with its neck lanyard, break away cap and full tilt kubaton capability; Which is what most Tactical pens would seem to be out to accomplish, in one way shape or form.

Given the frequency of occasions that I go about my business in blue jeans and a t-shirt the CUMA Ram has proven to be remarkably handy!

The CUMA Ram Tactical Pen

The CUMA Ram is available in 14 different colors at one price, 100 USD shipped to your door (and includes a bonus Self Defense DVD). This is a bit less costly than many of the more desirable Benchmade models and the CUMA Ram boasts numerous other desirable features as well.

Including –

  • 100% Made in U.S.A
  • 6″ in length tip to tip (with clip on)
  • Made of ultra durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Made to fit most 3 7/8″ standard pen refills including: Parker, Hauser, Fisher
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable writing
  • Extra large lanyard hole capable of fitting a paracord, dog chain, or key ring
  • Patented “High Speed, Quick release, Clip-Cap”, eliminating the need for a sheath
  • Stainless steel clip

Did you catch the “standard pen refills including: Parker, Hauser, Fisher” part? This is most definitely an add value feature. To purchase a Tactical pen and be able to write in the medium most desirable to you is a tremendous bonus!

Let’s touch back on the full tilt Kubaton part. When released from “clip cap”, the pen clip is no longer part of the equation. In many tactical pens the clip itself is a hindrance to the handle-ability of the pen as an implement of defense. When the CUMA Ram is released from the cap it is in a condition where it is ready to be utilized as all pen or all Kubaton. I find the design to be an incredibly well thought out and well crafted piece of work. There are many Tactical pens out there that practically Tactical, but CUMA Ram is one of the few that I would give a genuine Practical/Tactical stamp of approval.

For more info please visit – www.cumaram.com


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