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Two ti-fangs with blue anodizing

Max Venom Ti-Fang


Like it or not, each and every person on this planet must serve as their own first line of defense when a situation that could not be avoided, comes down to confrontation, turned violent.

Not everyone is an edged weapons expert. Hell, most people aren’t even practitioners. And there are some, who don’t feel comfortable or who are outright a disallowed from carrying, in environments such as the workplace.

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In a way, human beings are unfortunate creatures, born with insignificant claws and lacking formidable teeth. But the flip side of that coin, is that we get to choose our own.

Here at Max Venom we take pride in innovation, and form our mindset around being able to outfit anyone for that day we all hope never comes. From a Tier 1 operator, to any individual who knows that they have both the right and responsibility act in defense of their self and loved ones, when a situation that could not be avoided, comes down to confrontation, turned violent.

Weather you live in a non edged weapon permissive Country or State or if you are simply looking for a formidable alternative implement to fortify or round out your EDC (every day carry) defense array, the Max Venom Ti-Fang is the HOT new piece of first line defense gear, that you are going to want to have!

Turn Pressure to Power with the Ti-Fang!

The Ti-Fang was designed with sublime simplicity, minimalism, affordability and value in mind. The Ti-Fang is an impact force multiplier reminiscent of the old knuckle duster, only utilized for more edged weapon style impact due to strategically placed protrusions that enable trapping, clawing, slashing, snagging, clenching as well as devastating hammer fist strikes.

Worn around the neck, or under the clothes the Ti-Fang melts away, both from prying eyes and public scrutiny. But, you will know it is there, if need be. The one piece Titanium configuration of the Ti-Fang lends to rugged light weight durability, that can be worn all day every day without the worry of corrosion or fatigue from weight during extended wear. In fact, you never have to take it off, and you might not want to.

If you are serious about having some level of personal protection at your disposal, at all times, then the Ti-Fang is an ideal companion, even for those occasions where you are wearing little more than bathing suit.

Measures 3.5 by 2.75

100% Mil-spec Titanium construction

*** Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery***



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