The Karambite™

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The Karambite is a unique tactical utility designed to exceed your every day carry necessities. Unmatched minimalistic design featuring an ultra ergonomic low profile grip, the Karambite all but disappears into the closed hand. The Karambite is an elegant force multiplier that is still suitable for everyday tasks that require a small blade to puncture, slice or rip.

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Design Features


The elegant form of the Karambite is a juxtaposition of its use. Simply find the ring with your finger close your hand around it and let fly with the Karambite if your life depends on it.


Concealable and Versatile

Without the necessity of reaching into your pocket, produce the Karambite from its neck lanyard to tackle any minor cutting task. The Karambite conceals readily beneath a loose fitting shirt or behind your favorite silk tie, in the office.


The machined relief of the ring and the handle adds contour and depth of form while also allowing and enabling unique configurations of decorative cord wrap for enhanced grip.

Secure Grip

The full sized ring feature of the Karambite enables maximum retention for any use case.


Only 1.00 oz (28.35 gr) bare and 1.40oz (39.69 gr) when sheathed.


Only 0.20″ (5.0 mm) thick, the Karambite can be carried all day in any configuration without effort.

Low Visibility

When carried around the neck the Karambite is no more visible than any bit of jewelry. When gripped in the hand the Karambite all but disappears within the folded fingers.

Perfect Fist

The perfectly closed fist is the strongest grip you can have. The Karambite’s unique ergonomic design affords absolute fully closed fist integrity in Addison to a full finger loop for maximum retention.


The Karambite is not limited to the conventional blade orientation of a Karambit. Everyday tasks can be readily conquered by utilizing the Karambite in a razor knife grip to break tape and cut boxes.

The Limited Edition Karambite Eclipse

Dual Impact

The Karambite is designed to fortify the impact of your fist with a following cutting edge. Cuts stop fights. In the most dire of circumstances to be cut in the process of getting struck is the least desirable outcome for an aggressive adversary.

Made in the USA

The Karambite is manufactured right here in the United States. Every blade is sharpened and every sheath is molded by hand.

In Short

The Karambite is an idealized edged implement made of high quality materials designed for everyday carry in prohibitive environments. Born of mindset, skill, and principles, in the raw and elemental form of the age old and formidable Karambit, reimagined and redesigned for our time.

The Karambite is proudly brought to you by C. Despins and the Max Venom Product Group.


OVERALL LENGTH 3.85″ (97.79 mm)
BLADE LENGTH 1.20″ (30.48 mm)
BLADE THICKNESS 0.20″ (5.0 mm)
WEIGHT 1.00 oz (28.35 gr) bare and1.40oz (39.69 gr) when sheathed.
BLADE Chiselgrind, single-edge
FINISH Bead blast finish
SHEATH Kydex with paracord
WHERE MADE 100% United States of America

Final thoughts

“The Karambite is a unique and formidable “last ditch” knife with substantial unique application potential . . . [it] is optimum for the purpose of inflicting damage to the adversary via reflexive actions such as striking. In this case the magnification of effect would be substantial.”

Thomas Kier
Director of Operations
Sayoc Tactical Group

“The fixed blade is so small you can actually hold weapons or devices in the same hand; the ring is held by your middle finger, freeing up your trigger finger . . . definitely a cool outside-the-box design.”

Patrick Vuong
RECOIL Magazine

“[The Karambite’s] size, combined with the neck sheath, makes [it] a very easy-to-carry combat/self-defense tool.”

Joshua Swanagon
World of Firepower Magazine


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  1. M

    Mark (verified owner)

    Great design, great quality, fast shipping

  2. MD

    Michael D. (verified owner)

  3. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. It’s small, but that’s what I enjoy about it.

  4. SM

    Steven M. (verified owner)

    This ultra-concealable blade is a ripper! I’ve considering getting one of these little Karambites for awhile. Now that it’s hanging from around my neck, I’m not sure why I waited. It’s the EDC I hope I never need but will be confident if I do. The design of this blade and sheath make for simple rapid deployment and its handmade in the US from American S35VN, so I suspect it’ll be around for awhile too.
    Awesome customer service also. Prompt and seemed happy to answer my questions.

    • KM

      Kelly M (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your kind review, Steven! I really REALLY appreciate it! – Kelly.

  5. PS

    Peter S. (verified owner)

    thank you to MaxVenom for the fantastic customer service. the Karambite is a great product for self defense that is easily concealed.

    • TD

      Tali D (store manager)

      Thank you so much, Peter!!

    • TD

      Tali D (store manager)

      Thanks so much, Peter!!

  6. TS

    Tom S. (verified owner)

    Big fan of the karambite. It’s great for edc, but my primary usage is for when I’m running. It’s super light and easy to carry either on your person or in your hand ready for quick deployment.
    The only thing I would change is that I would have asked for a kydex sheath made for a lefty when I made my original purchase.

    • TD

      Tali D (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your review, Tom! I’m so glad you love it. Regarding the sheath, why don’t you message customer service through our contact form? We love our customers and will accommodate ya 😉

  7. DD

    Derek D. (verified owner)

    This is small enough to wear with gym and beach clothes. It’s an excellent way to always be preparing regardless of situation.

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