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Now, in collaboration with Doug Marcaida, Max Venom has bent the rules once again! The DMaX II is the answer to a much requested question, “can I purchase the DMaX separately from the trainer?”

Why have so many people asked for the DMaX Karambit sold separately? Often because they wish they could own Doug Marcaida’s world renown DMaX at a lower price. So we asked ourselves whether we could do better than simply sell the knife separately. Whether we could achieve a more competitive price point still. We examined our cost model and came to the conclusion that we could.

When our customers ask, Max Venom answers!


What makes the DMaX II so cost competitive? We start by transitioning from S35VN to Nitro-V steel. We swapped our formula from a double sided grind to a razor sharp single side chisel grind, exchanged the original DMaX coating for a laser mark and ditched the trainer.

What you get in the DMaX II is everything you’ve come to expect in a purpose built knife by the Max Venom Product Group. Raw power, brilliant ergonomics, in a envelope that bends or breaks all the rules with grace, style and rugged durability.

The DMaX II will tackle both your everyday utility needs will providing you with a highly potent low profile self-defense tool.

The DMaX II ships complete with a hand fitted Kydex sheath and a neck appropriate length of paracord.

As always, the DMaX II is PROUDLY 100% made in the USA, by AMERICANS!

DMaX II, a Doug Marcaida concept, and Max Venom Design

OAL 6.5 inch
STEEL Nitro-V Steel
SHEATH Kydex sheath and a neck appropriate length of paracord.
WHERE MADE Made in the United States of America
NOTE The DMaX is small enough and light enough to carry every day, and big enough for self defense.
DISCLAIMER ONLY train under the direct supervision of a qualified professional!

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  1. CC

    claude c. (verified owner)

    Fit was good for my size hand, but would certainly be loose in a ‘small’ hand. I can’t comment on material as I have not been able to get a good edge on it yet. Which comes to my lone complaint. Edges are not well or evenly ground. I’ve never believed in using power tools to sharpen, but in this case I think I may have to in order to remove grinding lines, before honing begins. Cheers.

    • TD

      Tali D (store manager)

      Dear Claude, thank you so much for your feedback. Although we always strive for consistency, each DMaX is hand made, and now and then variation can happen. That said, if you want to turn your blade into a razor, you can get Spyderco’s ceramic stones and get it scary-sharp in no time. They’re easy to use especially with the DX 2.

      About size: As a woman, most knives do not work well for me. Being the wife of the designer, I’ve been bugging Colin to make smaller sizes for smaller hands – but we would literally be the first in the industry. Commercial knives are simply impossible to tailor to each customer. Thanks again!!

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