Dimachaerus Jr.

MAX Edged and Impact!

In our constant quest to bring new and unique capability to the Edged-and-Impact weapons community, Max Venom is proud to introduce yet another innovative folding knife with the ability to transform from a full capability impact weapon to a full capability edged weapon, in the blink of an eye! 

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Introducing the Max Venom Dimachaerus Jr. – A compliment to the full size Dimachaerus!

About The Dimachaerus Design:

The Dimachaerus is named for a class of Roman gladiators who fought with two swords. The name is derived from Latin, and borrowed from the Greek-language, literally meaning “bearing two knives.”As Edged-and-Impact weapons practitioners, and like the Dimachaerus before us, we always carry two knives. In many cases, more.

Both the Dimachaerus and the Dimachaerus Jr. are built specifically for the Edged-and-Impact weapons practitioners who often find themselves seeking out knives, that not only have the ability to cut, but that can also be utilized effectively as an impact weapon in the closed configuration. Finding a knife that adequately fulfills both of these roles is rare. And sadly, most knives on the market that do offer such benefits, only do so inadvertently and inefficiently.

Featuring a full bodied and elegant puncture, sever and thrust ready blade, married to a button lock aluminum handle with a smooth and fast, never before seen one hand opening mechanism, and our signature bottle buster finger loop.

Product Specs:

  • 2.125″ HAND GROUND 154CM Blade (sharp edge) .97 ricasso/bottle buster (3.00″ from tip to handle)
  • 7.00″ OAL 
  • Aluminum Handle (Ceracoated)
  • Push button lock 
  • Flipper feature 
  • Tip up or tip down carry option 
  • Need we mention Made in the USA, by Americans? Like ALL Max Venom products, you bet your ass it is!

Click on the image bellow to see our new MAX fast action opening system, in action!

(Featuring the Dimachaerus (full size) –  Similar technique can be applied using the Jr. version)


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