Direct Impact Karambit (DIK)


First of its kind; the Direct Impact Karambit is optimized for use as both an edged AND an impact weapon. Ergonomically designed to maximize devastating strikes against the target in the closed configuration.


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The Karambit is a fierce fighting tool, which originated in Southeast Asia. From its recent rise in popularity in the west, we have seen a tremendous variety of modern fixed-blade configurations as well as the Karambit having been adapted to a folding knife.

Since its inception, Max Venom has been motivated by the vision of not just doing what has been done before, but rather, doing things differently. The Max Venom design style and philosophy is shaped by a vision of function, form and unique capability. There is nothing worth doing, unless it can somehow be done better.

As edged-and-impact weapons practitioners, we often find ourselves seeking out knives, that not only have the ability to cut, but that can also utilized as an impact weapon, in the closed configuration. Finding a knife that adequately fulfills both these roles is rare, and sadly, most knives on the market that do offer such benefits, only do so inadvertently and inefficiently.

Until NOW!

Introducing the Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit (DIK)

The Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit is a semi-custom/midtech folding knife optimized for use as both an edged AND an impact weapon. We believe that makes it the FIRST of its kind!

In the closed configuration, you will notice how the spine of the blade flows gently outward from the ergonomic contours of the handle, ending in a gentle, out swept, impact-hilt to better retain your grip on the knife, when utilized for devastating hammer strikes against your target.

The Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit is also optimized for superior ergonomic conditions, for hands of ALL sizes. Sometimes it can be a real distraction when the ergonomic features of a knife go “too far” in dictating where each and every finger is intended to fall in line, which can lead to a perfect fit in some cases, but a sub optimum outcome in many others.

In addition, the Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit offers the end user the ability to swap out pocket clip locations, for not only left and right handed use, but also for tip up, AND tip down carry! Not all Karambit users are trained fighters, and not all trained fighters prefer the reverse grip edge out orientation. Some practitioners, simply don’t like the dead ringer give away of the finger loop protruding from their pocket.. The Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit, allows for you to change the ride configuration up, at will, with NO limitations.
If you have ever found your Karambit folder to be lacking in any fashion, the Max Venom Direct Impact Karambit has probably addressed those shortcomings. Even if it is as simple as that your Karambit folder fails to inspire the sort of confidence that your Karambit fixed blade does, then the Direct Impact Karambit is the folding Karambit you need!

Specs –

When Max Venom set out to produce a Karambit folder that was as just as good or arguably better than some of those held to be the best of the best, we went all in! Featuring formidable coarse G10 grips, 0.090 THICK titanium liners/liner lock, black ano aluminum finger ring and a stout 2.4 inch (2.1 SHARP) HAND GROUND 154 CM blade steel, the Direct Impact Karambit measures 7.25 OAL and weighs in at a 4.6 ounces. The DIK is a semi-custom/midtech Masterpiece!

Need we mention Made in the USA, by Americans?

Like ALL Max Venom products, you bet your ass it is!






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