Before we discuss various elements of our privacy policy, we want to first emphasize that our website is secure using SSL certificate, which ensures everything you put fourth on our website is encrypted and hidden from malicious bots and software online. Our site has earned SECURE certificate by McAffee.

Setting an account

When you create an account, we have access to your name, billing and shipping address  – how else are we going to send you Max Venom goodies? But we do not keep any credit card information. We use PayPal secure payment process service – keeping your sensitive records safe.

We do not share your information (your name, your e-mail, your address) with anyone.

Your payment information will not disclose, give, sell, trade or transfer any information provided to us by our visitors or customers, unless required by law or statute.

All payments to Max Venom ( are processed through PayPal secure payment processing service. Your financial information is never shared with the Max Venom (


Cookies is a cute name for a bit of data we store on your computer. This tool is used by just about everybody online to improve your experience as you navigate the web. If you review your browser settings, you will see countless of cookies already installed on your computer.

Cookies work by keeping track of work. It is especially important if you log in an account, we can make sure you see your information only when appropriate. It also helps your experience. For example, when you check the Karambite product page, and continue to explore other products, our site will be able to show you the Karambite, in case you would like easy access to previously seen items. Cookies ensure items you add to your cart stay there.

Cookies also help us know our customers better. We can learn where you’re from and how many pages you viewed before you decided to purchase or leave. This is standard information most websites use, and one of the common tools to do this is Google Analytics. By getting to know our audience, we can provide better customer service, and tailored products.

For example, when we first noticed the size of our international audience, we realized global shipping was an absolute must.

Just to be clear, you must enable cookies in order to use our site. – it simply won’t be able to function – make purchases, create an account etc. – without Cookies.

To learn more about cookies (it’s a big topic) click here


In 2018 we opened an e-mailing system account to send special promotions and updates of new products and events. We wanted to make sure our past customers have a chance to hear about this – so at this time, we send e-mails to all of our past customers. Those who made a purchase since 2018, were able to opt-out during checkout and will not receive any of our e-mails.

Most importantly, you can unsubscribe easily at any time.


If you have any concerns regarding your information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!