About Max Venom

What we believe

At Max Venom we know that in the pursuit of excellence there are no shortcuts. Every day, we trust in the power of passion, the force of purpose and the fuel of action to unleash our, and your potential.

We dare to prevail. Join us.

Where we came from

Max Venom is a knife manufacturing company founded in 2009 by C. Despins, a martial artist, renown knife designer, international close protection and high threat security specialist.

Who we are today

We are a small team of knife experts who are passionate about designing high quality, innovative products that are designed for function, practical use, and aesthetic appeal.

Our Knives

At Max Venom, we believe that knives are the true yardstick of civilization. The materials used to make knives have always been a reflection of the advancements of their respective time periods, from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, and so on.

Today, we live in the modern metallurgic age. And we design knives that keep pace with such progress. We strive to evolve continuously and push the boundaries of what is possible with modern materials and manufacturing techniques. From the handle to the blade, every aspect of our knives is carefully considered to provide the best possible performance in all possible conditions.

Accordingly, we manufacture as many of our products as we can right here in the USA, ensuring that every knife is crafted with care and attention to detail.

So, if you’re looking for a truly exceptional knife, look no further than Max Venom. We’re approachable, we’re passionate, and we’re always here to help you elevate your knives’ performance to the next level.

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