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Nottingham Tactical – Titanium TiButton clicky pen that will make your trigger finger happy.

What is best in life, Conan? If that movie scene had transpired in 2021, I think that Conan might respond “The Glock 45 MOS. Shooting suppressed under NODs and precision writing instruments in titanium alloy.” The Mongol General would be pleased with that response.

I would call these exquisite productions that now lay beside my monitor as I type, tactical pens. But doing so, is either a massive injustice or they just might be the only tactical pens worthy of the moniker of both tactical and pen. Because this latest (titanium) production by Nottingham Tactical sets a new bar for excellence in a precision writing instrument that is also most suitable for use in the application of blunt force trauma to the cranium and ocular cavities of a humanoid target. And if you are anything like me, you like the sound of that.

Of course the market and “innovative” instagram wanksters have proven that many pens are at least up that limited element of the task. I’ve seen all kinds of so called makers put forth redundant tactical pen gimmicks that guys like me were cooking up in grade school. And there are foolish followers to which these meager contraptions look like curry to a pisshead.. Ive said it before, I will say it again. Enjoy explaining to a jury of your peers how you, as a reasonable person, chose an implement of self defense that looks like it came out of someone’s ass in a federal prison. I digress. Or do I?

There are ample occasions and premises with various restrictions, in which the ability to carry tools including firearms, knives and even tactical pens is extremely non permissive. For this, the Nottingham Tactical Titanium clicker is most ideally suited.

I once had a friend who asked me to carry his newly devised tactical pen in order to provide him with feedback. The shortcomings were immediately obvious, in that it looked the part of an impact implement with the added benefit of being capable of writing. I carried it for a time regardless of my apprehension. In that time that I happened to need to enter a court house to get a stamp on a document. I doffed the items of my every day kit that I was intimately conscious and aware of. Firearm, knives. The pen slipped my mind, as a new addition to my EDC array. When I reached into my pocket, I thought.. damn. But decided to add it to the tray anyhow, for x-ray inspection, as it was metallic and would set off the metal detector.

“That’s a kubaton” the old security guard responded as they examined the implement. I played dumb. “Sir, that is a pen. Let me show you.” I’m laughing out loud as I type this, in that I cannot believe that I even tried to play it off at the time. The pen was.. simply unpassable even to these old ass dudes, who thankfully couldn’t have been aware of the rising tactical pen craz. They agreed to keep the “pen” for me after a “look, I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m parked two blocks away, if you want me to put it in my car. I just need to get a stamp on this” routine, by yours truly. It was a painful strikeout for the so called tactical pen that day.

If your mind is racing toward the obvious conclusion that I could have carried some non metallic self defense implement.. here’s the bad news. You’re not so clever. I always have an non metallic defense implement on me too.

Maybe you are that guy who rolls with an ink fill swapped sharpie as a tactical pen, while inconvenienced by the necessity of wearing a suit for a day, and entering a courthouse. That’s a fine and affordable day in the life option.

But if you wear a suit every day while working in a non tool permissive environment and that is how you choose to roll, because you’ve bought into some cult of believing that there is something ideal about that object, then I am of the opinion that you are wrong or broke, or maybe both. Better options exist. And in my opinion you should strongly consider getting on board with an option that better reflects your pay grade.

So, let me return to these marvelous machined wonders that so generously share the name tactical pen with the afore mentioned drivel.

Inside and out, this new line of ti clickers by Nottingham Tactical is by far the finest example of its kind to come to market, for those who want so much more than an adequate passable stabby in their pocket. But instead, demand elegance, style, quality and durability on top of the tactical pen baseline lived up to by many, then the Nottingham Tactical Ti pen is exactly what you are looking for.

Available in an assortment of patterns, finishes and a variety of sizes, this fully titanium tactical pen marvel features the finest ink cartridges, custom stainless steel springs and a pocket clip so elegantly robust that it would make most tactical flashlight manufacturers blush.

The feel, the balance, the smooth and sublime configuration of these pens makes them truly a joy to handle and a spectacle to behold. And oddly, matter of factly, I’ve taken to depressing the patient pending clicker with my thumb and releasing it with my trigger finger, on the single lock and with the finger orientation reversed on the dual locking model.. which I have found to be beyond satisfying and an absolute joy!


I’m only going to use the word fidget this once, but only to suggest that if you have hands that need to be busy, then the Nottingham Tactical Pen is calling.. will you accept the charge?

The Nottingham Tactical pens just fits right in to any EDC rotation. Jeans, suit or anything in between. So if you are looking for pen that is a BOLD statement of your appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Or if you are simply looking to add yet another titanium gizmo to your pocket space, Or if you are bent on turning your first Nottingham Tactical pen into an ongoing collection, Nottingham Tactical is prepared to deliver. New and exciting flavors of Titanium pen are being added to their lineup as we speak.

I encourage you to follow Nottingham Tactical on Instagram, so you don’t miss out on all that is new and exciting. Or if you are ready to make a purchase, please find them at –