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META Tactical’s answer to the ATF ruling on pistol braces

META Tactical Apex Bullpup carbine conversion kit

With the new ATF ruling on pistol braces, many gun owners are left wondering what other options are still available for them. That is where the META Tactical Apex Bullpup carbine conversion kit comes in. This innovative product allows gun owners to convert their Glock pistols into Bullpup carbines, which have a 16-inch barrel and overall length just past the 26-inch minimum for a rifle, without violating ATF regulation.

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The Need for a New Solution

Time to adopt the Apex Bullpup

Not long ago, META Tactical brought to market this fantastic new conversion kit for Glock pistols and other variants. This new development probably didn’t echo with many of you as important at the time, save for the Bullpup fanboys. But given the new ATF pistol-brace final rule, published into the register on January 31st, the time has come for the rest of us to more closely examine the Apex Bullpup conversion option by META Tactical because a device such as the Apex conversion is now more critical than ever!

META Tactical Apex Bullpup carbine conversion kit side view

The popularity of pistol braces in firearms with AR-type firearms

Without getting too far into the weeds about why so many (as many as 4 million) people have chosen to purchase firearms equipped with—perfectly legal until now—pistol braces over the years, let’s examine this matter from the perspective of those who need a new solution such as the Apex carbine conversion for Glock pistols.

I worked as a range safety officer and firearms instructor for many years. I’ve seen all the cool-guy-outfitted AR15s you can imagine: from SBRs to AR pistols with stabilizing braces. They all had their reasons for going one way vs. the other. But almost without fail, every time I saw a lady (that was not professional) with an AR-type firearm, it was outfitted with a pistol brace.

Why? Because a rifle-length AR-type firearm is slightly heavier than an AR pistol, and a 16-inch barrel is ever so slightly less easy to wield. Even if only a matter of a few ounces and a couple of inches, it adds up. This makes choosing an AR-type firearm outfitted with a pistol brace an instinctively better option for the masses.

The appeal of pistol braces to women

This brings to mind a lady that I encountered not that long ago. We got to chatting about motorcycles, and the conversation led to guns. She was proud to be a Glock owner and had taken adequate training to back up her ownership. I was rather impressed by the many details of her responsible firearm ownership pursuit.

Then came a new angle when she disclosed, “Now I want to buy an AR15.”

She was an Asian American and was concerned that violent crimes against Asians were on the rise. I was making a few recommendations when she interjected, “they make AR15s in 9mm, right?” And right she was. I pointed her toward a local gun shop, that I assured her would they would treat her with dignity and respect as a minority and a female. I thought that might be the last that I would hear from her until we ran into one another again.

She gleefully disclosed that she had, in fact, purchased an AR15 and showed me a picture of the firearm that she had chosen. It was a 9mm AR15, just like she wanted. A 9mm AR pistol with a ten-inch barrel, outfitted with a pistol brace. Fantastic choice. (Only not anymore).

The impact of the ATF ruling on Americans’ right to self-defense

Post “ATF final rule 2021r-08f” 

Now, with this rule change, what will happen to this strong, independent woman who decided to be an AR15 owner and get the necessary training to act as her own first line of self-defense instead of falling victim to a violent crime? I don’t know. And I cannot imagine how anyone outside industry news can remain informed and law-abiding.

How can this information find so many people I have witnessed on the range shooting an AR pistol outfitted with stabilizing brace? These responsible, armed citizens—all of whom certain they are law-abiding citizens. What I do know is that today, I would make a vastly different recommendation.

Thankfully META Tactical Is Here, With Solutions

Indeed, thanks to META Tactical and their Apex Glock to Bullpup carbine conversion, such an option exists. It is an option that solves many full-sized (rifle) AR-type carbine obstacles in many ways, including the primary challenge of the overall weight and length of the rifle.

The configuration of a Bullpup firearm and its benefits

Before we delve deeper into the Meta Tactical Apex Glock to Bullpup carbine conversion, let’s go over the basics:

 What is a Bullpup?

The “Bullpup” is a firearm configuration that displaces the classic action and magazine configuration towards the rear–a foreign concept to many in the American market. But it is a configuration widely adopted worldwide, including the British SA80, the Israeli Tavor, and many others.

What does the “Bullpup” accomplish?

Simply put, by relocating the action of the firearm towards the rear, it takes the barrel towards the rear along with it. Thereby reducing the overall length of the firearm, while maintaining the overall length of the barrel.

Why is this important?

Because the barrel length/overall length determines whether a firearm is a rifle or a pistol, the Apex carbine conversion has a 16-inch barrel, and the overall length of the fully assembled Apex carbine is 26.5 inches, with the stock fully extended. So, a rifle must have a 16-inch barrel and must have a 26-inch minimum overall length. That makes… perfect (ATF) sense, right?

Well, there is fantastic news for the rest of us, the Apex Glock to Bullpup carbine conversion allows anyone who is seeking a lighter weight, reduced overall length firearm to achieve this, and without persecution or prosecution by a three-letter agency that thinks it can write (change) long-standing rules and make criminal consequences for law-abiding citizens who simply wanted every small benefit that could be had in a firearm of their choosing within the letter of the law.  

The features of the Apex Bullpup carbine conversion kit

I was living and working in Israel when the Tavor was brought into wide circulation in the Israeli military. And I was fortunate to gain enough first-hand experience with a Bullpup configuration carbine to allow the merits of this previously foreign configuration to sink in fully. The stability of the platform. The distribution of weight. All were fully advantageous to the operators who were faced with adopting them.

But a carbine conversion, such as the Apex, does so much more for us in the real world.

META Tactical Apex Bullpup carbine conversion kit side view

The “truck gun” comes to mind as a primary instance. For those of us who carry a firearm on the hip as a daily discipline, we often consider whether to keep another firearm, perhaps with some enhanced capability, in the back of our trucks. For many, the “truck gun” is something lighter-weight and more compact than our full-sized rifle at home. And for many, this is an AR pistol equipped with a stabilizing pistol brace.

Not anymore.

However, with the Apex carbine conversion, you can have that compact carbine as a truck gun. It comes with several advantages that other carbines do not.

For instance, you could keep the Apex carbine conversion in the back of your truck in parts. And by that, I mean minus the frame of the Glock, but ready to be assembled on demand. And if you keep a fully assembled Apex carbine in the back of your truck, you can readily disassemble and disable the Apex carbine entirely by simply removing the frame from the chassis.


So, what is it like, this Apex carbine?

The Apex carbine conversion is an injection molded frame with a 16-inch barrel and a Glock. The conversion is as simple as swapping out your OEM barrel for the 16″. From there, simply open the back of the Apex chassis, secure the Glock in place, close the hatch, and push the trigger actuation pin in place. The trigger of the Glock is then activated by a linkage that runs between the Apex carbine trigger and the Glock trigger itself.

After that, all that is required is the selection of a high-quality red dot optic and a trip to the range to get zeroed.

You’ll notice that I said high-quality optic, and I mean it. The Apex bullpup conversion kit is not some cheap gimmick and is far from a toy. I had read multiple reviews and watched countless videos before pulling the trigger on the Apex myself. But only when the kit arrived and I removed it from the box did I fully realize the level of respect that the Apex conversion deserves. 

It is no overstatement to say that the Apex chassis feels like a high-quality firearm before it is even assembled. And once assembled, my mind began mapping out the full extent of the possibilities.

I’m not sure what optic I might have opted for before the Apex bullpup conversation arrived, but once it was here, I knew that it deserved a full-featured robust optic beyond some of the micro red dots that I had seen them outfitted with. 

I thought that as a 9mm carbine of minimal overall length, it should be outfitted with an optic idealized for CQB, but also that it would be nice to have something that would compliment META tactical Apex form factor. Given that, I knew my Apex carbine had to be outfitted with a Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 holographic sight.

With the addition of the UH-1, I felt on track for bullpup perfection. With so many stellar reviews already behind this product, I saw no reason to hesitate. 

Impressed by the Apex bullpup conversion, I was equipped and off to the range without waiting for the weekend. 

No longer just a Glock 

Forget “how it might feel to shoot your Glock out of the Apex conversion kit” and realize that it’s more like your Glock has disappeared and has somehow been replaced by a very high-quality 9mm bullpup configuration rifle that has a Glock-like trigger and takes Glock magazines. 

Glock with META Tactical Apex barrel

There are plenty of videos out there of guys pinging away at distances that would be very difficult even for someone who is very good with a handgun to achieve consistently. So I won’t belabor the details of my experience with it on the range.

Save to say, what I have found most videos fail to convey is that the Apex Bullpup is far less a “conversion” than it is a complete transformation from one type of capability from the 9mm round to another. The Apex delivered on every count conceivable of such a firearm. And without reservation, I give this device my wholehearted endorsement. 

Not only do I encourage you to get your hands on one of these kits, I suggest you get one and outfit it out as you would any full-featured carbine. 

But most importantly, I encourage you to introduce as many people as possible to the Apex conversion kit, its unique form factor, and unique capabilities, especially for those who might have opted for an AR-type pistol with a brace in the past and are seeking such an option now!

I hope everyone reading this takes the necessary precautions to get out of the way of this unwarranted, unconstitutional move by the ATF. But in all hopes, if we are stuck with this miserable misfortune for some time, the industry will innovate, as META Tactical has. 

The next evolution of your arsenal is up to you. But if you are thinking compact, lightweight pistol caliber carbine, consider turning a firearm that you already own into one, with the META Tactical Glock carbine conversion kit. You won’t regret it. 

There is nothing holding you back. The Apex Glock conversion is a platform that can be outfitted with your favorite accessories. It is a platform that offers a unique distribution of weight and greater reduction in overall length. It is a platform that is a fit for your truck. It may be an ideal fit for your significant other, and it is a damn fit platform for YOU!

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On a more personal note, why I think the ATF sucks

All these arbitrary rules made up by a bogus agency bent on standing in the way of YOU simply owning the firearm that meets the form factor most comfortable and convenient, given your frame and or personal security objectives, sucks!

And it honestly makes me sick to think of all the people who unknowingly purchased an AR pistol outfitted with a pistol brace and never imagined that the rules could change. “If I can buy it, it is legal.”

How many cases might we see of the unknowing having some otherwise not meaningful interaction with law enforcement, result in a life ruined by charges, legal fees, fines and imprisonment?

This is not how it is supposed to work. It is not the ATF’s job to ban anything. Only an act of Congress can make laws. This is the most repulsive overreach of bureaucracy seen in our times. And no one seems to be stepping up in any meaningful way to defend us, save for those who innovate.

Who will step up next to push the overall weight and overall length barrier next? Your guess is as good as mine. But right now we have the META Tactical Apex carbine conversion and that is something very special indeed.

So, despite all this tragic news, I am, once again, thrilled with the APEX bullpup conversion.