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Hard Point Tactical – Intelligent Design

Hello Max Venom blog followers, in the case you missed us, we haven’t gone away. Despite a bit of ball dropping combined with a lot of travel and few ins-and-outs of the hospital, we are back in action and happy to bring you a review that has been in the works for… far too long, if I am going to be completely honest with you. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Some months ago, I was able to get my  grubby hands on a fantastic VPC (vital plate carrier) from Hard Point Tactical. At the time, Hard Point was in the process of rolling out its new and improved line of carrier systems. I was offered to be first on the waiting list for the new line of gear, or to get in on some close-out-deals for the previous line. I opted for the latter. In fact, the VPC that I selected was the predecessor for the new Hard Point Axis armor system.

The Axis system features new and improved suspension straps as well as a few more strips of MOLLE on both the front and the back, aside from a few other seemingly minor details, we felt that the previous model would make for reasonable representation.

If you recall, some time ago I had done a review of the Hard Point Tactical Orion Battle Belt. Based upon both the Orion Battle Belt and my previous experience with Hard Point Tactical, I knew that whatever was to come, as far as improvements were concerned, would not only be well thought out, but also flawlessly executed.

How’s it Hanging?

In having read a variety of VPC related reviews, I have come to expect the very typical commentary on stitch quality of #D nylon construction. So, in order to not disappoint, the Hard Point Axis vital plate carrier system is constructed of a combination of 400 and 500D, and the stitching is outstanding!

However, what’s more is the Feel. There are a variety of carriers out there that I would give positive marks for breathability and weight dispersion, but this is only in comparison to the abundant variety of vital plate carriers that FAIL in these same categories. Whereas the Hard Point Axis is wanting for none.

In order to truly sing the praises of the Hard Point VPC, I thought I might even need to invent some new words, but instead I am going to fall back on a combination of only two. Weight dispersion.

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Say what you will about any VPC on the market and I will tell you that, in both the short and the long run, it is going to come down to this one thing. The bottom line is that something about the Hard Point line of vital plate carriers just exudes comfort from the very moment you put it on, and regardless of how heavy you load it. For as tough as this rather significant property might be to define, something in the very core of your body tells you that the load is somehow more correct than anything you might have tried previously.

I  loaded the Hard Point Tactical VPC out in a variety of configurations, from RAMPS, to taco pouches to injection molded kydex mag-pouches, and were amazed to find that although we subjected the Hard Point gear to a variety of strenuous change outs and load outs, it had not yet begun to show the slightest bit of stress. I have honestly seen bigger and far most boastful brands fail faster.

If you find yourself in the market for super high quality vital plate carrier, or more, please look to Hard Point Tactical. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to test and evaluate a variety of their gear and ANY time a friend of family member is looking for a highest quality piece of kit of this nature, Hard Point Tactical is my first recommendation EVERY TIME, without fail. It’s not every day that I doll out an endorsement this strong, don’t take it lightly 😉

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