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Hard Point Tactical – Orion Battle Belt

Some time ago I had invested in a 5.11 Brokos belt, this was not a very expensive investment mind you, but it was for my wife who I was trying to sell on the battle belt concept. I on the other hand already had a battle belt, a custom build contraption rigged to the max with a variety of gear. One might ask why I wouldn’t simply try to sell her on the concept using my own belt, the fact is that I tried and failed. Mine was too cumbersome for her taste and too heavy. My conclusion was to purchase an entry level battle belt and to rig it out with her gear. I figured that if she didn’t like it, it would not be a big monetary loss and then I could transition her into something better.

Not only did she not like the belt, she didn’t even seem to like the concept. I had chalked the project up as an epic fail and moved on to other things.

Battle Belt Review Hard Point Product Review Women and Battle Belt

I had been doing a bit of soul searching in regards to my own battle belt, as was at a juncture where I figured that I would give something else a try. I had spoken recently with Hard Point Tactical who suggested that I give their Orion battle belt a try.

The motto of Hard Point Tactical is “Intelligent Designs for Extreme Applications”, in reviewing the Orion battle belt online, I could only conclude that it was most certainly of intelligent design.

I had met Thomas, the owner of Hard Point, through a mutual associate who worked together with Thomas while contracting in the Middle East. Thomas had given me a firsthand tour of the Hard Point gear some years ago; I was a bit surprised to find that the majority of the core products of Hard Point were still around now in the same configuration as then. To me this was evidence that they had to be doing something right.

To lend a better understanding of just how intelligent some of these designs are, I would direct you to the Hard Point Tactical youtube channel. There you will find a variety of videos explaining the exactly how the products work, relative to the operator, the environment and other Hard Point Tactical Gear.

The Orion Battle Belt

Although I felt that I had thoroughly researched the Orion Battle Belt, I was still quite shocked by the quality and composition of the belt when it finally arrived. Somehow, it is just impossible to understand just how smart it is to combine what is typically the under belt with the outside, as just one for instance.

As I continued on admiring the belt, apparently out loud, I attracted the attention of my wife, who recognized the contents on the account that I had alerted her to the pending delivery of it. She took a moment to examine the belt and comment that it was of good quality and smartly designed. My sense of impending doom had not set in even until after she asked if she could try it on.

She like everything about the belt, the design, the construction, the buckle, but when she asked if we could try her gear on it, my heart skipped a beat. “This is not yours” I said, “you don’t even like battle belts” I said. From that moment I knew that I had lost my precious new Battle Belt from Hard Point Tactical, to my tactical life mate.

I started digging out my wife’s gear and stripping it from its former host belt. Although I had been anxiously waiting to outfit the Orion battle belt with my own gear, I tried to convince myself to be glad that won a battle that I had given up on some time ago. And when she tried it on I knew that it was hers.

The Orion battle belt won my wife over to the battle belt concept but I informed her that her taking possession of the battle belt would come at a price. The price for the acquisition was to gain as much time as possible wearing it and facilitating mag changes to both her carbine and handgun as soon as humanly possible. And she agreed to my terms without hesitation.

You can chalk this up as a win or a loss if you want to, but I have chalked it up as a victory. Some guys might battle their wife about owning and or carrying a handgun, some cannot even get their wives to shoot. My wife has her own Glock, her own AR and now she has her very own battle ready battle belt.

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