Flamethrower Pulsefire Review


I don’t think that you had to grow up back in the 80s to get hooked by the prestige of a flamethrower. However, if you are anything like me, from the moment you witnessed that badass bitch Ripely lay waste to the queens lair with a flamethrower; you just knew that a personal flamethrower was something that every man should want and in fact needed.

But, how many years would it be before that dream became a reality?

The chance came for me in 2015 with the launch of the XM42 personal flamethrower, when I became one of the first recipients of a personal flamethrower in the United States. How did I manage? Well, by some chance I had come across some article announcing its launch, set an alarm on my phone and when the day came I stayed up until midnight to become one of the first in line.

Before long, I received an email confirmation that my package was on its way.

It was exciting times to say the least. A friend of mine even drove across country to be one of the first to film with the personal flamethrower and launch a youtube video of it.

Finally owning a flamethrower was… beyond RAD. It was nothing shy of a fucking dream come true. With just the press of a button, flame leapt from my hands, clung to the ground and danced in the air. And that smell… that gasoline smell…


When my friend arrived to film, we hopped around the county filming at different locations. Finally, we ended up in a friends back yard who asked if he could get some footage with his drone. He produced this wimpy little thing of a remote control aircraft. And after a few minutes of capturing footage, he was satisfied with what he had captured.

It was then that I got the idea to ask him, how much was that little drone worth? I offered to buy it, if he would pilot it overhead so I could burn it out the the sky on video. My friend agreed and thats how, in July of 2015, I became the first person in history to burn a drone out of the sky with a flamethrower. Although, I’m still waiting for the wikipedia citation on that one.

Yes, all my friends wanted to try the personal flamethrower out. And my flamethrower became quite the party trick for quite some time.

But in all honesty, the XM42 with its tank over barrel configuration was sort of a pain the in ass to haul around. It was top heavy empty and even more so full. It had to be placed just right in the bed of my truck or it would readily tip over. So, filling it up for the road was out of the question. It began to feel as antiquated in configuration as an old Bren .303 with its top feeding magazine.

Then, one day a buddy of mine waved $700 under my nose and it was gone.

I guess I told myself that I had scratched that itch or played out the fun. In reality, there was probably some new project to fund that could be expedited along by flipping it.

At first, I didn’t miss it. Then, I sorely did.

It wouldn’t be the first time that I have purchased and sold and purchased something of similar nature again. If you love something, let it go. If you buy it again, it truly yours. Only, when I went to the website, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the XM42 again. I was drawn back to the personal flamethrower by visions of flames dancing from my fingertips, only for bad memories of its difficult handling and top heavy configuration calling me off pulling the trigger on the purchase.

The product hadn’t evolved, my expectations had.

It seemed that there was no shortage of companies who were willing to give some manner of flamethrower production a try. But the only factor that the seemed to be committed to was solving for was some new… “cool factor”. This was not enough. In fact, it was depressing.

Then one day a new product caught my eye. A handheld personal flamethrower by this company Exothermic Technologies, called the Pulsefire LRT. As I examined the configuration and the specifications, part of me could not believe that someone had finally managed to put it ALL together… and more!

  • Measuring less than 28 inches overall
  • Weighing just under 5lbs (dry)
  • Center balanced from its forward grip
  • Digital voltage gauge
  • A heat shield that acts like a tripod (to avoid those tips and spills)
  • Electronic ignition of the fuel stream.. NO MORE goofy ass pilot light canisters
  • AND EVEN a tip end safety off valve

The Exothermic Pulsefire LRT is the Holy Grail of personal flamethrowers!


I couldn’t believe my eyes and.. I couldn’t enter my credit card information fast enough. And when it arrived I could barely believe that it lived up to the expectations that I had built up in my mind. It was so much more than engineered to perfection. It was stylish. It was sleek. From the ammo can styled battery box, to the classic army green paint job. To the.. oh, I did I mention the aircraft grade fire control safety cover? Just.. icing on the cake, in every conceivable detail.

At every juncture that the XM42 needed improvement, the Exothermic Pulsefire exceeded my expectations, by a mile. Even today, the folks at XM42 dabble in dressing up the original host while Exothermic took only what was good and evolved they system into a completely evolved package, which took the form of the Pulsefire LRT.

Seriously, are there no drawbacks to the Pulsefire personal flamethrower?

I produce honest reviews here. But drawbacks, in this case, would be too strong a word. After the purchase, and after I received the Pulsefire LRT, suddenly with the product in hand, I thought.. maybe that classic pilot flame would be missed. Definitely NOT the bulky can ridding alongside the muzzle, but that hollow low pitch hiss of the pilot flame itself. It’s sort of all part of the romantic idea that completes the package of a flamethrower in the mind’s eye. Right?


The pilot flame is cumbersome. And with these new developments by Exothermic, it’s now dated. And it’s useless, when you have an arc of electricity sparking from the end of your personal flamethrower. That electronic zap.. It’s addictive, it’s satisfying, its beyond fulfilling. So, what I thought for a hot second might leave a void in my heart, that being the absence of a pilot flame, was soon forgotten as I began to revel in the crisp crackle of the ignition arc followed by glorious bellows of werfing flame.

Whatever draws you to the flame(thrower), know this, the future of the personal flamethrower is here. And its not XM42.. its not some damn space gun looking thing by Elon Musk, it’s the Pulsefire LRT by Exothermic Technologies!

For more information on this fantastic product and other new exciting products from Exothermic Technologies, please CLICK HERE


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