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Electric Generators for Mobile Applications and Rugged Environments


If you visit YouTube and search for “Generator Power Inverter,” you will likely find countless of videos titled “Best Electric Generator”. The phrase will similarly pop up on many popular internet search engines.

As if there is just ONE.

There is not. But it will be well worth your while to consider the Next-Gen Propane Generator, as you might, indeed, conclude that it is the best electric generator after all, for you.

And in this review, I will try to lend my best insights as to how and why the new ALP Propane Generator truly might be best generator for your specific needs and applications.


The first question one should ask when choosing an electric generator, is how many WATTs do I really need?

If you are looking to power the air conditioning unit for your RV along with your fridge, pump, lights and whatever else, A 1000 WATT generator is probably not for you. In fact, you’ll probably need more than a 2000 WATT generator. Sadly, I am not here to advise someone with your specific use case. I am instead here to advise a very big swath of highly mobile electricity consumers that typically depend upon a Jackery power station to get the job done between charges.


A Jackery is used by many that have not made the leap to a generator. And in fact many can get by on (or rather off) the road with only a Jackery, granted they have regular access to electricity to recharge it, or they can power small appliances such as a Dometic cooler off their truck of van battery while driving—and with the Jackery while not.

I own a Jackery myself, along with a 2000 WATT Yamaha generator that I am glad to have had while riding around the country in an RV (and when the power goes out at home). But, it doesn’t really fit in the back of my loaded out Toyota Tacoma. Not that it takes up too much room, but it is simply too heavy to be hefting in and out if seated deep in the truck bed. The Yamaha weighs some 44 lbs (minus fuel) and that seems fine until you are jockeying the generator up and over things at arm’s length, which is not only cumbersome, its dangerous.

This, combined with not really needing 2000 WATTs, drove me to investigate what else was available on the market. And this is how I discovered the ALP Next-Gen 1000 WATT propane generator.


The ALP generator weighs just under 30lbs; the fuel rides separately and I already stock the fuel. So, easy up and over anything in my truck as well as no more oversized gas can, expanding like a balloon in the mid-day heat.


The transportability factor of the ALP 1000 WATT generator vs the later cannot be understated.

I will gladly take a walk with 30lbs of ALP 1000 WATT generator in one hand and 20lbs of fuel in the other, compared with 50lbs-worth of fully fueled generator in one hand and 25lbs of fuel in the other.

In fact, you could take that same, lighter, combination over land in a backpack, which is exactly what some Colorado SAR (search and rescue) teams have begun using the ALP 1000 WATT propane generator for.



The lightweight ALP 1000 WATT generator opens up a world of possibilities for specialized use; from tactical applications to search and rescue, there are countless tools that require electricity:

  • Tactical equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Communications
  • Lights
  • Drones
  • And more

All instances where a onetime drain and charge somewhere else to use again device such as a Jackery doesn’t have the output and or wont tow the line long enough.


This is not to disparage the Jackery. The ALP 1000 WATT propane generator will not be replacing this valuable tool. But instead, it will complement the Jackery that I already own.

I own a Jackery 500. And this has been suitable device in most cases. But if your power requirements have ever made you ponder getting second Jackery power station, I’ve got news: the ALP 1000 WATT propane generator is roughly the same price(!).

Now we are cooking with fire.

The Jackery/ALP Generator is a killer combo for many reasons that are probably already obvious to anyone that owns and has utilized a Jackery power station. “You mean that I can run my portable fridge WHILE I recharge my Jackery?” Yes! Exactly that.

Whether your mode of operation while camping is to utilize your truck as a base camp or if you are simply living that “van life”, the necessity of electric power and the necessity of quiet time is probably not lost on you. And the combination of an ALP 1000 WATT propane generator and a Jackery power station seems to be exactly the ticket.


There are probably those of you reading this telling yourself that this is all fine news, but you need more power than 1000 WATTs. And this is fine too; simply get two ALP generators. There is valuable logic that can be applied to choosing this option as opposed to a single 2000 WATT generator as well. The “One Is None” approach.

Two 1000 WATT ALP propane generators can be parted out, split between tasks and even proximity. Whereas one 2000 WATT generator cannot. One 2000 WATT generator can go down. You cannot get half the capacity out of a 2000 WATT generator if it fails. Whereas if one 1000 WATT generator fails, the other is humming right along, powering your devices and charging your reserve power station.

Need I mention that a 1000 ALP generator is only half the cost of most 2000 WATT generators?



The math is simple. The use cases are endless and yet to be fully explored. SAR teams, tactical operators, first responders, campers and van lifers alike can all contribute to discovering new possible and complimentary power sources.

My contribution is the Jackery and ALP propane generator combo.

And I trust that this will suit my needs for quite some time into the future.


Having spoken with the folks at ALP Next-Gen Propane Generators, they offer my readers a code to receive a complimentary 5ft braided gas hose. Which is an accessory that I highly recommend!

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