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Trijicon SRS – Something Different/Excellent

I don’t often find myself weighting in on a product steeped in controversy but it seems that I had set my self on that track when I purchased the new Trijicon SRS red dot optic. After having built a new AR with a PWS upper, I got to wanting to outfit it was some other optic than what I had laying around the house at the time, I had a price point, I got to looking, I got to thinking and I became motivated by wanting something… different.

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LionSteel TiSpine folder – Gentle meets manly

lionsteel tispine

We haven’t brought you a fresh knife review in a great long while, so I figured that if I came with a new blog post about a knife, it had better be something truly fantastic. That being said, I got around to picking up a knife that I have been cautiously eyeballing for no short amount of time. That being that the LionSteel TiSpine. Hope you enjoy our take on it.

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Tac-Con Trigger – Take 2

Since my first test run of the Tac-con 3MR trigger, I would like to tell you that I kept at it and spent a thousand more rounds in order to better hone in on getting the optimum rate of fire out of the 3MR, but… I didn’t have the opportunity. A variety of business obligations involving travel kept me on the road shortly thereafter, so my efforts to get in any serious range time were greatly hindered in the weeks that followed.

However, during one of these weeks I received an email from Tac-con informing me that they had a media event in the works and wanted to invite me. Apparently my door knocking campaign, while searching out the 3MR trigger early on, had gotten the attention of the media company who was facilitating the event.

It seemed that the event would entail, a tour of the manufacturing facility, a Q&A session and range time sponsored by Tac-Con. So I figured, what better opportunity to gain some additional perspective. Continue reading Tac-Con Trigger – Take 2

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Tac-Con Trigger – Wanna Try Me?

Tac-con 3MR PART 1 OF 2

Since the Shot Show, there has been a good deal of fuss as well as nay saying about a potentially rocket fast new trigger system from a company out of Phoenix Arizona, called Tactical Fire Control, aka Tac-con. This trigger system, known as the 3MR (3rd mode) was said to be capable of near full auto speeds, have very short uptake and ZERO over travel. But, was this all true?

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Hard Point Tactical – Intelligent Design

Hello Max Venom blog followers, in the case you missed us, we haven’t gone away. Despite a bit of ball dropping combined with a lot of travel and few ins-and-outs of the hospital, we are back in action and happy to bring you a review that has been in the works for… far too long, if I am going to be completely honest with you. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

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The Vasque Wasatch GTX, a combat boot replacement?

“A journey into the wilderness is the freest, cheapest, most non-privileged of pleasures. Anyone with two legs and the price of a pair of army surplus combat boots may enter.”- Edward Abbey

What we put on our feet can make the all the difference when we hit the trail. Support, comfort, stability all factor in to how our feet hold up, and how our feet hold up is THE determining factor of what kind of shape we are in when we get off the trail. For many years my absolute go to for a trail boot was none other then Edward Abbeys recommendation, a solid, cheap pair of US Army surplus combat boots. Yes they were hard to break in but once they where, where unrivaled in comfort and stability. My combat boots stood up to everything I could throw at them, up mountains and through alpine meadows in Alaska, over sandstone and washes in Utah, rain forests in British Columbia, swampy cedar stands in Wisconsin, and almost everything in between. Continue reading The Vasque Wasatch GTX, a combat boot replacement?