The Back Bite – Russian Martial Art Fighting Knife by TOPS Knives USA

A curious and unique new Russian Martial Art inspired Fighting knife has emerged from TOPS Knives USA known as the Back Bite. The Back Bite is a unique combination of Wharncliffe back edge and concave “strike face” edge that is designed to be utilized primarily in a reverse grip edge out (RGEO) or inverted blade …

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The Rough Man TSK

There is an old Nordic saying that “a man without a knife is a man without a life”. I have come to meditate repeatedly upon this saying in my reflections on the Rough Man TSK (Tactical Survival Knife), a custom production of, designed by veteran operator Andraes Holmgren, a native of Sweden who has …

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Thoughts on – Fear

It is important to know the relationship between false confidence and fear. There are two types of fear related to false confidence. First is the fear of physically hurting someone, this fear can hold you back from doing all that needs to be done in a life or death scenario. The individual who fears physically …

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Tarakans – Russian Martial Art Knife

Recently I was made aware that my Back Bite knife by TOPS Knives USA was in fact not the only custom production purpose built Russian Martial Art knife in town. I was made aware of this by custom knife maker Brian Harrison of BFH Knives.

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