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Three Times The Charm

Either you’ve built a precision long range (PLR) rifle, or you have not. Maybe you are considering a build? Maybe you’ve begun the arduous task of research?

Perhaps that’s how you landed here.

A man can dream. And if your dream is leaning in the direction of selecting a Remington 700 for your base rifle—followed by an optic and a trigger and a stock—I’m here to invite you to dream differently. Because it’s a well-worn path that may not carry with it the rewards that you imagine.

Enter the UPR15, a bolt action AR15 upper that will knock your socks off! Continue reading Three Times The Charm

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Flamethrower Pulsefire Review


I don’t think that you had to grow up back in the 80s to get hooked by the prestige of a flamethrower. However, if you are anything like me, from the moment you witnessed that badass bitch Ripely lay waste to the queens lair with a flamethrower; you just knew that a personal flamethrower was something that every man should want and in fact needed.

But, how many years would it be before that dream became a reality?

The chance came for me in 2015 with the launch of the XM42 personal flamethrower, when I became one of the first recipients of a personal flamethrower in the United States. How did I manage? Well, by some chance I had come across some article announcing its launch, set an alarm on my phone and when the day came I stayed up until midnight to become one of the first in line.

Before long, I received an email confirmation that my package was on its way. Continue reading Flamethrower Pulsefire Review

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Trigger testimony

Max Venom Glock Skimmer Trigger

For some, aftermarket parts and “upgrades”
is about chasing the wave. What’s new.. what’s hot? But first Impressions.. don’t really MEAN squat!

These days we are inundated by YouTube and their “content creators” as well as instagram “brand ambassadors” and “influencers”. We are so inundated that it’s become difficult for some to discern qualified feedback from video content with production value. Such is life.

I am here to provide another type of feedback, there’s a name for its type as well.. a testimonial. But what’s different is that I’m here to provide expert testimony as an expert witness to the progression of the aftermarket trigger industry. Continue reading Trigger testimony