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More Than Luggage – Matador Outdoor Adventure Gear!


A man on-the-go requires more than your average, “checked-bag and carry-on” combo, especially when the destination remains active and can be changed at any moment or when intermittent deployment between two locations is constant.

One way or another, such a man requires a special kind of luggage; a modular system that allows for numerous packing opportunities for dynamic missions that may expand or contract with little to no notice.

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Electric Generators for Mobile Applications and Rugged Environments


If you visit YouTube and search for “Generator Power Inverter,” you will likely find countless of videos titled “Best Electric Generator”. The phrase will similarly pop up on many popular internet search engines.

As if there is just ONE.

There is not. But it will be well worth your while to consider the Next-Gen Propane Generator, as you might, indeed, conclude that it is the best electric generator after all, for you.

And in this review, I will try to lend my best insights as to how and why the new ALP Propane Generator truly might be best generator for your specific needs and applications.

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Three Times The Charm


Either you’ve built a precision long range (PLR) rifle, or you have not. Maybe you are considering a build? Maybe you’ve begun the arduous task of research?

Perhaps that’s how you landed here.

A man can dream. And if your dream is leaning in the direction of selecting a Remington 700 for your base rifle—followed by an optic and a trigger and a stock—I’m here to invite you to dream differently. Because it’s a well-worn path that may not carry with it the rewards that you imagine.

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