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Thoughts on – Fear

It is important to know the relationship between false confidence and fear.

There are two types of fear related to false confidence.

First is the fear of physically hurting someone, this fear can hold you back from doing all that needs to be done in a life or death scenario. The individual who fears physically hurting someone is falsely confident in their ability to break another person.

Second is the fear of getting hurt physically, this fear originates from having no idea how much pain and punishment you capable of withstanding. The individual who fears getting hurt physically is falsely confident  that they are easily broken.

This perpetuates a cycle of fear in which one is rendered incapable of conquering the adversary.

Know how much you stress, pain and punishment you are capable of withstanding and you will better know how much it takes to actually break another individual. Through this you will gain real confidence and overcome fear.

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The Karambite “last ditch” neck knife…

I have received a few comments in regards to the Karambite and its viability as a “last ditch” implement of self defense.

My perception, is that the “last ditch” concept itself is a little off key considering that some would seem to hold “last ditch” as no less than a literal “desperate final attempt”.

So, I would like to speak to this “argument”.

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