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22 caliber conversion kits – I am loving THIS!

For as long as 22 caliber conversion kits had been on my radar, I never gave them much consideration until now. Now being as good a time as any, I am very glad that I did.

I recently invested in two 22 caliber conversion kits. One of these kits is a 22 caliber conversion kit for an AR15 rifle and is produced by CMMG, the other is a 22 caliber conversion for a Glock model 17 and is produced by Tactical Solutions (Tac-Sol). Continue reading 22 caliber conversion kits – I am loving THIS!

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DPX Blog, AKA Dangerous Magazine

This month C Despins of the Max Venom Product Group contributes to the DPX Blog, AKA Dangerous Magazine.

So you want to buy a handgun? Enter the DPX Blog to get an authoritative run down of essential handgun buying intel and know how that you wont find in your average firearms publication, BEFORE you make a purchase that could, at the least, end up becoming the “sore thumb” of your collection in the many years to come.

If you plan on buying a handgun that you COULD one day need to depend on with your LIFE, get the facts HERE first.

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Vest to impress – TYR Tactical BPC and Blade Tech


Over the years I have had ample opportunity to use a relatively substantial variety of body armor. The tremendous variety of armor configurations and, in some cases, so called technology amazes me. I know that some guys swear that they will live or die by this brand or that, and that others have particular preferences in regards to how they combine this soft armor and those hard plates. But not everyone has the luxury of sophisticated opinions, as many do not have the pocketbook to afford them. Continue reading Vest to impress – TYR Tactical BPC and Blade Tech