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Impact Resistant Eyewear for Close Protection Work

Grayman & Company Aviators in Black with Grey lenses along with a backup pair of the "Keyhole" framed in Tan Tortoise with Brown lenses on table.

Close protection work requires meticulous planning and preparation; it involves assessing the threat level and the environment to determine the right course of action. One aspect that is often overlooked is the choice of eyewear. A chance discovery of Grayman & Company, a luxury brand specializing in bespoke suits, opened my eyes to the importance of the protective eyewear that we chose for close protection work. Their Covert Everyday Protection sunglasses are not only attractive but also have impressive protective features.

In this article, I’ll explore the importance of protective eyewear in close protection work and share my thoughts on Grayman & Company’s sunglasses.


I was recently introduced to Grayman & Company by a friend who thought I ought to check out their bespoke suit offerings. And as impressed as I was by that element of Grayman & Company, visiting their website revealed a blind spot that I immediately recognized and realized that I had not previously given adequate consideration.

The operating principles of close protection work are not entirely the doctrine that some might imagine. Close protection is a mission that expands and contracts according to the environment in which the work is executed and along the level of threat, both real and perceived.

I’ve spoken recently on suitable, durable clothing decisions [click here] but along with a suit might come all manner of other mission-specific demands related to wardrobe. Oakleys, board shorts and boat shoes might be the flavor of the day if the mission is to blend in with the natives of Miami. But I’ve never been one to attempt to blend Oakleys and a suit. It is the wrong vibe. And in my honest opinion, an eye sore.

I might have once suggested, depending on client expectations for attire, a pair of Persols. Simple ,classy and durable. Whereas some guys might punt for Tom Fords, depending on the level of class. But at the very least, if you are unwilling to suffer your pocketbook for better, I would have suggested Ray-bans.

That was then, this is now.

Wearing the Grayman & Company sunglasses in black.

Grayman & Company’s Covert Everyday Protection Sunglasses 

And all because I scrolled through the offerings of Grayman & Company and felt compelled to click on a tab labeled “Covert Everyday Protection.” which refers to eye protection, in the form of handsomely crafted suit-worthy sunglasses.

Not only handsomely crafted sunglasses, but sunglasses that have scratch and impact-resistant urethane lenses with ABBE clarity ratings exceeding 45 (which is huge). These shades have ANSI Z87.1 ratings for impact and Bayer ratings (6) for scratch resistance that put most polycarbonate lenses to absolute shame.

I was shocked. Not only did I feel that these newly discovered sunglasses were an absolute must. But I could not fathom how exactly did I (and so many of my colleagues) fail to consider the protective qualities of our eyewear decisions when going suited until now.

For years I have participated in work, activities and sports that require careful consideration of personal protection equipment of this very kind. I have a venerable collection of glasses, goggles and helmets of every variety. And I could recite for you the details of many of them. Because you won’t find me riding a motorcycle, shooting a gun or jumping out of an airplane without some rugged purpose-built kit just for the specific occasion.

I simply had no idea this company or product existed until now. And chances are that if I did not know, neither do you.

In hindsight, I should have known more. I should have known everything about my previous choice in eyewear. And scrolling down the Grayman & Company website section titled “Sunglasses” I was truly learning everything one should want to know about precision-crafted eyewear of this nature. Now, having given these details my fullest attention and careful consideration, I was sold!

Balancing Fashion and Functionality

Rated high-precision Japanese technology and Italian components, manufactured to exacting standards, assembled and distributed in the United States from California. All with the look and feel of high-class eyewear combined with unmatched impact and scratch resistance at a price within reason. Who could ask for more?  

Grayman & Company has aviators that are a shoo-in for the look and quality of my favorite Persols and they’ve got two other frame styles to choose from that outclass most Ray-bans. I chose a pair of the Grayman & Company Aviators in Black with Grey lenses along with a backup pair of the “Keyhole” framed in Tan Tortise with Brown lenses. I will roll with whatever pair provides the greatest visual clarity given the day and environment. But also, two distinct styles affords me the opportunity to change up the appearance of my facial features with a quick swap for undercover work.

Grayman & Company sunglasses in black


Protection is the key element. This is a decision that ought to be given as careful consideration as your sidearm, your holster, your belt, your body armor, your suit, your go bag, your footwear, your coms… It is a never-ending list and there should be no consideration as important overlooked.

Close protection is a complicated mission that expands and contracts. The threat is real. Your eye protection should be every bit as real. If the possibility exists to shoot, protect your eyes accordingly. Grayman & Company has you covered with absolutely stunning best-in-class “Covert Everyday Protection” sunglasses to match your everyday professional profile.

I won’t try convincing a former SF teammate to adopt such glasses. Those ugly ballistic Oakleys are a look that he has earned and he can wear them with a suit if he wants to. But whoever else joins my squad is getting one and only one whole-hearted recommendation from me from here on out. Grayman & Company!

For more information on Grayman & Company, their precision-crafted Covert Everyday Protection Sunglasses as well as their other fine offerings and wares, please visit – (NO m)

Grayman & Company Keyhole sunglasses framed in Tan Tortoise with Brown lenses