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Gander Mountain Law Enforcement Sales – JP Rifles

JP Rifles have been on my radar for quite some time. I would say that until now, I hadn’t had the opportunity to shoot one, but that is not true. At a range event about a year ago I was handed an AR type SBR in 9mm and told to give it a go. I do not recall the specifics of the instance but I had to hand off another gun in order to do so and then passed the 9mm SBR off to another shooter almost as fast as it was handed to me. Later in the day, the owner of the 9mm SBR asked me if I had shot his “JP SBR”. Suddenly, I wished that I had been paying more attention. It was a well outfitted rifle but I recall that my focal point of briefly handling the gun was… perhaps the configuration of his optics… I decided that I would revisit the platform but the day got long and before the opportunity presented itself again, many of the guys had already packed it in and headed home.