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EEDC – Extraordinary Every Day Carry

I suppose that I have been a bit of an EDCer for many years. At times my EDC load out consisted of little more than a few knives, a cigarette lighter and a flashlight, but that was before the internet.

Yes, there was a time before the term “EDC” meant anything to me. But before that time still I found myself packing away various essentials, and keeping them on my person given whatever variety of circumstances that my environment presented. It wasn’t until my first stint overseas that I really evolved into carrying an EDC pack of some type. I recall that the compartment on my first EDC pack was probably only 8X8X5 with a few smaller pockets and pouches in addition to a shoulder strap. In retrospect it wasn’t much more than slightly tactical looking camera bag, but at the time it did the trick. Continue reading EEDC – Extraordinary Every Day Carry