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DPX Blog, AKA Dangerous Magazine

This month C Despins of the Max Venom Product Group contributes to the DPX Blog, AKA Dangerous Magazine.

So you want to buy a handgun? Enter the DPX Blog to get an authoritative run down of essential handgun buying intel and know how that you wont find in your average firearms publication, BEFORE you make a purchase that could, at the least, end up becoming the “sore thumb” of your collection in the many years to come.

If you plan on buying a handgun that you COULD one day need to depend on with your LIFE, get the facts HERE first.

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Back in August I wrote of the DPX HEST 2.0 folder. Since that time DPX Gear has rolled out a line of fixed blades that represent a turn in design functionality that just got a little more hostile.

The DPX HEFT is a mission specific edged implement–Fighting. Most fighting knives will, by default, retain a certain dual functionality; they are good for tasks not exclusive to death dealing. The DPX HEFT (Hostile Environment Fighting Tool) capitalizes on this versatility where there is room to capitolize and makes no exceptions where there are none to be had. Simply put, the DPX HEFT is designed for close quarters dirty work. It is designed for people who are in the business of killing people.

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DPX HEST 2.0 – Brilliant!

Since I acquired the DPX HEST it has quickly become a permanent EDC resident and has been riding in style in my right hand front pants pocket ever since. My front right pants pocket is a coveted piece of real estate that was previously occupied by a very fine knife that I am not going to name. I will mention however that it was a knife almost three times the price point of the DPX HEST. Rest assured the previous occupant will find a new home at some juncture, perhaps in the pocket of someone else.

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