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If you have not had the good fortune to happen across some of the fantastic and innovative products that are available from SAR Global Tool, I am going to introduce you to one of them now.

The product arrived in a package last week that contained a business card and a note stating “welcome to the groom of doom club”.  Riding comfortably in my back pocket as I type is the SAR Global Tool titanium comb, just one of many fantastic innovations of SAR Global. Titanium comb you say, in a questioning undertone? Then perhaps both you and a few people that I know think very much alike.

Everybody has that friend (I may in fact be this friend to some of you) who, upon noticing some new accessory of sorts clipped to your pocket, takes note of this and asks, “What do you have there?” It is in part a game of observation; seeing how quickly you can key in on the weapons any given individual might have on their person at any given time.

Taking the short view.

Shortly after its arrival I was prompted to produce my SAR titanium comb from my pocket based upon the “what do you have there?” observation of one of my friends. I did so with a grin; knowing that a titanium comb was not what he expected. I removed the comb from my pocket and handed it to him concealed by my hand.

“What in the hell is this?” was his reaction, “you know damn well what it is” I responded. “But, why?” he continued. I began to laugh, then quickly lunged forward and grabbed the tactical pen from his breast pocket. I then made a move as if I were about to attack him with it. He instinctively went into defense mode, comb in hand. I stopped suddenly and a realization washed over him, “Dang” he said. He examined the comb again as the possibilities began to work through his mind.

I later presented the Ti-Comb to another friend for his thoughts. SAR titanium comb in hand he first enthusiastically elaborated on the numerous self defense possibilities. He moved the comb from pocket to pocket testing its draw and various grip configurations. This friend however has an uncanny ability to spoil on just about anything, no matter how enthused even he gets about it. Finally he said, “You know I would still get profiled carrying this”.

SAR Comb

I let out a sigh and said, “Ok then, show me low profile”. He stood up, removed his folding knife from his pocket, dropped it into a different pocket, adjusted his pistol inside his waistband, dropped the comb on the table and stood there. “I’m good”, he said shrugging his shoulders. He then raised his arms a bit, palms out and rotated 380 degrees to demonstrate.

“Give me your creds”, I said. He produced them from his pocket and handed them over. I opened his cred case and a number of bills fell to the floor. (I forgot that he kept a bit of cash in it, not to spend, but just in case.) I picked up the bills and unfolded them. I laid them 50/50 length wise over the fold,clipped the comb inside, folded it and handed it back. “Just in case” I said. “Are you still good?” I asked. He slowly nodded examining the wallet.

The World is my weapon

I read an amusing blog post some time back where the author professed that he was “not buying into” the tactical pen hype. It made some good points and I mostly found it amusing. I would say that if you don’t buy into the concept of paying a few extra bucks (in some cases) for a substantially more rugged pen to potentially use as a blunt force implement, then don’t. If, for instance, you don’t buy into wearing steel toe boots, although the situation may call for it, I could not honestly care less just the same.

However, if you move frequently in and out of weapon restricted zones, you may from time to time find yourself asking what remains on your person and or what within your surroundings could be utilized for the purpose of self defense. I am one of these.

For this purpose, I like to have at my disposal some rather specific things, a list that I am not going to get into. However, I will say that I carry these specific things for a reason. In my experience at least, the situation calls when the situation chooses, not the other way around.

Am I saying that the SAR Ti-Comb a purpose built weapon? No. But it is a damn near indestructible comb, and in the hands of a person of the right mind, with the proper skill set, it could be utilized rather effectively for the purpose of self defense. I will note however that the Ti-Comb could be perceived as a weapon and can observed in the same fashion as a weapon depending upon the mode of carry that you choose.


SAR Comb

In my brief time, the SAR Global tool comb has seen much more hair combing than it has its many possible alternative uses. However, it has also served as a money clip, a bottle opener (works just as well as a bic lighter (I carry a Zippo) and a pet grooming utensil. Yes, rumor has it that dogs love the Ti-comb and I found out the hard way that they do. I applied the comb to one of my friends’ dogs having stopped over for a beer. The dog liked it so much that I ended up having to comb him until the dog decided that I was done.


A rather excellent video review of the SAR Global Tool Titanium Comb is available on youtube. This video (see below) was produced by Mark Davies, a student of James Keating; Mark is the owner operator of Tactical Edge. I would highly recommend checking this video out. I am taking into consideration producing video myself on the SAR Comb. Something in order touch on a few elements perhaps outside of the Ti-Combs role as a Self Defense implement, but you never know.

SAR Global Tool

SAR Global Tool is owned and operated by Spencer Allan Reiter (SAR). Spencer is a United States Army Veteran as well as a talented and innovative full time knife and tool maker. You may be familiar with his work as featured in Death Valley Magazine or on “the forums”. Spencer is a low key and incredibly down to earth guy. He currently has a blog featuring many of his products and a website that is in the works.

I strongly suggest for a more consolidated view of SAR Global products that you visit (and “like”) the SAR Global Tool page on facebook!


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