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NEW – Fox Knives Karambit

It is not every day that I get excited about a new karambit. It has been years to honest. As a Karambit designer many take me for a Karambit enthusiast. I cannot say that I am, but rather that at one point or another I was. However, I am glad to say that my Karambit enthusiasm has recently been rekindled!

Years ago

There was a time when I owned a variety of Karambits, some fixed Blades and some folders. Each in its own way had its benefits and each its own “problems” these “problems” are however the sort of thing inherent to a design so specific in its particular ergonomic features. The problem for me was that nothing seemed to have just the right combination of fit, form and function. I began a cycle of purchases replacing the old with something new. Relentlessly, I kept buying and the process continued for a number of years until one day I simply I grew tired of it.

Blade Show 2011

Every now and again you stumble upon something new and it is always nice when you do so, in a familiar place. At the booth of Fox Knives at the Blade Show I came across a fellow named Lad. He was speaking with customers and demonstrating the Fox Knives Karambit. I was not aware at the time who Lad was or that his company, Renutech solutions, was actually the exclusive distributor of the Fox Knives Karambit. I was familiar with the model but what he had in his hands didn’t quite match what I had in my memory bank from when I had examined it at the Shot Show. I asked if I could handle the knife and after a moment asked if it was something new. In fact it was, and the new Fox Karambit fit my hand as if it were built, for me. I was a bit taken back by an old yet familiar rush; I was enthused, very enthused. Enthused and a bit puzzled, where has this knife been all these years?

As Lad and I continued to speak, Mike Vellekamp returned to the booth and it now became an exchange between familiar faces. “When did you do this?” I asked Mikey, almost demanding. He chuckled, “hey, we are always doing new stuff” he replied. I had other questions but on a final note, I wanted to know when it was becoming available. “Not just yet, but I might have one to spare” he added, “I’ve got to run, stop back later. Let’s talk.”

On a smoke break shortly thereafter I ran into Mikey while he was chatting with Ken Onion. Mikey had the Karambit on him and passed it off to me. I went about handling it for a bit, reaffirming my enthusiasm.  “You know, I can probably get you one of these for T&E if you can hold off on writing about it for a bit” Mikey offered, “Done deal!” I replied. We extinguished our smokes and headed back to the booth where Mikey proceeded to hook me up with the yet to be released, Karambit.

Did I mention that I was Very enthused?

When the Blade Show let out that day I proceeded to the nearest hardware store and purchased a Torxs driver. I immediately went about the business of changing the clip from the right hand to left configuration. I couldn’t resist practicing the draw stroke half a hundred times as before heading out to dinner. The knife was feeling good, even better than I had expected regardless of having handled the knife extensively at the booth; Snapping out of the pocket with authority, drawn open by the Emerson wave.

Still I was awe struck. When I arrived home I enthusiastically showed it off to various interested parties. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty telling them they would have to wait, repeating “stay tuned to Renutech Solutions” time and again.

Months had passed and I found recently that had already begun to offer the knife and trainer (pre-order only); with no one having given me the green light on publishing what I had written. So, now I was behind as opposed to leading an introduction to this fantastic new knife.

Hard Use

The months between now and the Blade Show have been filled will all manner of hard use, and daily carry. The knife has conquered a countless variety of cutting chores in this time. It had ripped through tree limbs that have stood in my path. It had broken down piles of boxes and (with some kind of luck) tore to pieces an Everlast heavy bag (that I found on a curb on garbage day). My only regret was that I did not have someone with a video camera on hand at the time (5am). I am, however, very glad that the home owner who put it on the curb did not catch me in the act. None of these actions (including others) had caused any amount detriment to knife, save some minor cosmetic wear.

Fit and function

Fox Knives Karambit Trainer

The New Fox G10 Karambit remains the best fitting Karambit that I have ever had the pleasure of putting my hands on. After some years of making exception upon exception and finding that what I had thought was once better or an improvement, the Fox Karambit is by far the best fitting, best handling Karambit that I have ever had the good fortune to use. I admit that this may be a subjective matter, but I have put this knife in the hands of many individuals, who seem to concur. The Fox G10 Karambit is precisely what anyone would hope or expect of Tactical folding Karambit, it fits like a glove, has a lightning fast draw and a razor sharp talon of a blade.

I am most pleased to say that, these many months later, I remain as impressed with the Fox Knives Karambit as the day that I took delivery of it!

Many thanks to Mike Vellekamp for giving me the opportunity to T&E the New Fox G10 Karambit. Look for more fantastic Fox Knives products from and stay tuned for the New G10 Fox Karambit at