Will you look at my design?

I would rather not. For starters I am not a brand that is looking for some manner of design talent. Secondly and most importantly your ideas are yours. I don’t want to be influenced or inspired by anyone who might not otherwise do anything with the design themselves. If you have something interesting, ground breaking or earth shaking I encourage you to do something with it, such as seek out an OEM, get financing and have it made.

I have a legal question regarding…..

Sorry, but I cannot answer any questions in regards to the legality of anything!

I want to learn how to defend myself with a knife, where to I begin?

There are a number of disciplines that I would suggest you apply a serious amount of energy to before you add the skill set of edged weapons. If you are truly serious about being capable of defending yourself, you can start by learning about situational awareness and conflict avoidance. There are a number of good books on the subject matter. All the skills in the world won’t do you any good if you are constantly walking into–as opposed to away from–confrontation and bad situations. Next, learn to defend yourself with your hands; the application of edged weapons is a physical act that requires strength, agility and stamina, an edged weapon is a low grade force multiplier in comparison to most.

Where do I find quality instruction in edged weapons?

If you are looking to find high quality instruction I would suggest that you prepare to travel. There is only a small number of highly reputable edged weapons instructors in the United States. Granted there is probably a kindly Guru, so-and-so, who is operating out a local gymnasium in your town, and the fact of the matter is that there is a chance that Guru so-and-so might be the best damn instructor that no one has ever heard of, but the chances are not. I would highly recommend doing some research into who the most reputable instructors are and then go to their website and order some DVD’s. Watch the videos and see if you feel compelled to go train with them. If you do, get in touch and make the investment to go and get proper training from whomever’s system seems to be most in line with your way of thinking.

Do you do edged weapons seminars?

Yes and no. I am not actively a part of any seminar circuit, most often group instruction that I do is facilitated by a sponsor. Sponsors are typically pledged to take care of a variety of costs and logistics and to recruit participants from their own client base or organization. Get in touch for further details.

Do you offer LEO/MIL discounts?

I offer a discount code to LEO/MIL clients. Also, I can offer a discounted rate on any bulk (10) knife purchase that will be shipping to an APO address. Contact me for details.

Do you offer any instructional videos?

I do not at this time. I would like to tell you that such a product is “in the works” but I cannot. At the very least I can say that the production of an instructional DVD is within the realm of possibilities.

Can I sell your knives?

Sure you can. I have very low minimum orders by industry standards so there is a very good chance that you can “buy in” to the opportunity to sell my knives. So, if you have a dojo in Tokyo or edged weapons outlet in Berlin, get in touch!

Will you sell my products?

No I will not. The Max Venom Product Group was designed to be a one source internet outlet for edged weapons and tools of my own design. This outlet was designed as a place to find these products all in one place and to act as a point of contact for anyone who might have questions in regards to those products.

Any new products in the works?

There will always be something new in the works from Max Venom. At any given time I might be revisiting a hundred AutoCAD files from my archives, tweaking, modifying and always trying new things. In my experience you cannot force an outcome in regards to design and I have no intention of introducing anything that is not incredibly unique and that is built with the purpose and intention that people who have come to know my work would expect. My goal in all things that I do is to constantly raise the bar and to explore new territory.

Any plans for Max Venom merchandise?

Max Venom merchandise is in the works. We are working with a number of companies and have plans to introduce a number of t-shirts and hats, stickers and more, so stay tuned!

Why don’t you make YouTube videos anymore?

Some time ago I made the decision to dedicate whatever spare time I might have to the production of the Max Venom Blog. I feel that there are a lot of great products out there that the general population ought to get to know. Logistically speaking I pick up and leave off more readily with a blog than with YouTube, so I chose to blog. I will certainly be shooting a few product introductions as new products are introduced to the Max Venom product line. Times may change and I might consider making an interlude into YouTube again, until that time I will stick with blogging.

Who made your website?

As luck would have it, I am married to my web designer. My wife is an uber talented web designer, graphic artist and a real artist. Websites are the tattoo of the internet, everyone knows someone who does tattoos. But like tattoos, you get what you pay for and once you have paid you are stuck with it! Unlike tattoos, thankfully bad websites are not for life… My wife has helped out a number of my friends in the industry so don’t be afraid to ask. Everyone can afford a quality website; no one can afford a poor one.