How to shave, LIKE A MAN!

We live in an age of retro manly celebration, paralleled by metro men and emo kids… Sadly, that is the fact of the matter. While some choose to walk the earth wearing a many battle bush, others combine a beard with long hair, skinny jeans and… sandals.

There is a classic shaving revival that runs parallel to the trending ‘beardedness’ as well. It makes a guy wonder, “is it even possible to split hairs between the two?”

Per usual, I am just the type to try. I have never been a big fan of shaving on a regular basis. I even keep a doctor’s note handy, in case of “emergency”. I had always been the type to get a few weeks growth going on and then shave that down to the start of a beard, then to something less, like a goatee. My facial hair configuration would shift frequently. I even rocked a respectable handlebar mustache at one point, mustache wax and all.

When I did shave however, I always made an event of it. I would lay out the tools, take my pick and go to work. What was in this shaving kit you ask?

Well, I’ve got a Schick M26 that was issued to my father when he was drafted for Vietnam, a Gillette butterfly razor (the type that takes the two sided razor blade), a Schick Xtremem 3 (my longest standing modern razor) and a Dovo Savette that represents my half hearted attempt at entry  into the world of straight razor shaving.

Of course I also have a brush for applying my C.O. Bigelow shave cream, a bottle of Club man after shave, a bottle of Olga Bay rum after shave and even menthol vanishing cream. I am sure that to some this makes me sound like a shaving fanatic, but to others my collection would prove that I have only dabbled in the craft.

The more I thought about it, it made no sense to me that facial hair should be channeled through a series of layered small razors and little sense that it be channeled at all. There was only one conclusion.

For those who wish to quite dabbling and to get in the game as it were, there is only ONE solution, that being to get yourself a proper straight razor and get down to the business of shaving, the manly way!

Max Venom Boker King Cutter Review

Heinr. Boker KING CUTTER

Make no mistake; there are perhaps dozens of seemingly viable options out there to choose from when it comes to straight razors. If you go to ebay you will find everything from the made in China “Barbers Speical” from $9.99 to classic refurbished models and custom made models with prices you probably haven’t imagined possible.

Boker King Cutter Review

However, if you are anything like me, you didn’t start looking for alternative means of shaving because it is trendy. What got me looking in the first place was having grown sick and tired of all these three blade, four blade and six blade modern razor monstrosities that did NOT offer a better shave, but got clogged with hair and shave cream EVERY pass of the razor. Even on the few occasions in my life when I did shave regularly, I was not the 5 o’clock shadow sporting, having shaved at 8am type. And in NOT being that guy, I couldn’t comprehend how or why your average guy stood for the rinse-and-tap-routine every pass or two of the razor. It was at this time that I resurrected my father’s Schick M26 and shortly thereafter I purchased my Gillette butterfly razor and the Dovo after that. Only then, did I finally graduate to a proper straight razor in the Heinr Boker King Cutter.

What is, proper?

So, what does a proper straight razor do that lesser straight razor does not? Well, aside from holding an edge and being made with high quality materials, it bends.

A proper straight razor has a VERY thin blade. This thin blade lends to its properties of sharpness but also the thin properties allow for the blade to contour, ever so slightly, to your face. And this makes a world of difference particularly in the neck line and the neck line is the only part of my face that I have any intention of shaving in the foreseeable future.

Boker King Cutter Review

There are a few reasons that, at least in my opinion, a straight razor such as the Heinr. Boker King Cutter is the ONLY answer, in particular to the type of shaving that I have described. The first being, that sissy ass multi blade razors have a tendency to grab in a non uniform configuration. You have the width of the razors head and the blades start, somewhere in between. This can lead to an “over grab” during shaving and can be the catalyst for taking down a set of sideburns, a goatee or even a beard.

Seen as I am not the type that enjoys surprises when I shave, I want to use the most precise instrument available, and the straight razor is it.

If you find yourself in the market for propper straight razor and you find yourself baffled by the options to the point of inaction, I am here to pull you out of your slump. Any and I do mean ANY straight razor produced by Heinr. Boker is SURELY up to the task and will NOT let you down. I am quite pleased to say that the Boker King Cutter will be with me for the duration, perhaps even the rest of my life. Whereas I have a handful of razors that I keep for sentimental value, the King Cutter will be kept for value in craftsmanship and its ability to execute an unparalleled shave, EVERY TIME!

The Boker King Cutter can be purchased at a variety of quality retailers including –

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